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Well, I happened to be looking through some really old flash files (I keep all of them, even though they only seem to take up space on my disk) and found the first game I ever made. Now, it's actually not completely awful; there are some redeeming points (the loading time not one of them, give it a few minutes) In reality what I hope to get out of this is some opinions and ideas on what I can do to make a revised edition or sequel, now that I have a lot more programming experience and am free to do a lot more with this.

You're a lightbulb who is on a quest to avoid a tiger (sounds like I'm on something already, huh?) and in doing so must avoid many other obstacles, such as homing missles, letters, cannons, square pandas, and epileptic bamboo.



What a delicious game!


I love the DUCK!!!

cinderfoot responds:

The cult of the order of the quadrilateral duck moves onward, I see.

Also, thanks for the music, man. I really appreciate it.

It's a nice concept..

but ugly, and challenging (the latter of which is obviously good). Work on those graphics and collision detection and I think you'll have a stand up game!

Oh, and YAYLOLDUCK, as seems to be the given response :)

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cinderfoot responds:

Well thank you for telling me my concept's nice, anyway.. I'm going to work on the art, definitley, now that I know the response the game idea has gotten.

Love the duck


It's the sound it should make. =)

cinderfoot responds:

I will definitley take your suggestion into consideration if I make a sequel. Seriously. Q W A C K. Deep.


First thing, many people commented on the graphics, and so will I. More attention to detail! and possibly a better image program! Honestly, it looked like it was done in Paint. The images, anyway. The duck is awesome, though. Keep it.

Second thing. The game is difficult. Not challenging difficult, but 'I'm not sure if he meant it to be so hard' difficult. Levels like the Alpha Army are impossible to advance through without getting hurt. A lot.

Third thing. The main character should look where he's going. I'm not sure how hard this is to implement, because I've never used flash before.

Small suggestions:
- Change the paste graphic. It looks... odd.
- Use a health bar rather than numbers. This is my preference, though. Maybe an option?
- as someone else said, more pickups.
-A 'solution' to each level, as a level design approach. You should design a path through the level that allows you to pass unscathed. Especially since this is styled much more like a puzzle than anything.
- a 'how-to-play' part of the menu. If you do a sequal, it probably will be more complicated.

I'm going to give you a 3/5 for a good first effort. And the duck.

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cinderfoot responds:

Yeah, I understand. I would have made exactly the same comments to myself if I had never used flash before. I honestly did want the alpha army to be that hard, though.

I feel really stupid for not implementing the character facing the right way thing, because that would have been really easy.

The graphics are going to get work done, I made most of them in a hurry as it was an expirement for me, at the time I made it, in programming, not graphics. I just whipped some stuff up on the fly as far as that goes. I'm thinking about getting a seperate animator if I do a sequel.

I love the duck's cult following though. It's awesome.

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3.13 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2008
9:17 PM EDT
Adventure - Other