The Robbery by MP

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My brother made this in his year 10 flash class. He got an A for it and i wanted everyone to see it.

It was third best in the class

Beware that he had only done flash for 5 months and only had 4 weeks to put it together.

In some parts its noobish but......




"i will shoot"? tell me, do u ever see a rober in any movie, taking there time to make there grammer perfect? make it i'll shoot or just dont do any talking, pulling out a gun (or whatever that was) should make em understand as it is. also it was extremely amateur work. couldeve seen way better.

Difficult to say...

May have something...just needs some work. Some voice-overs would have gotten the point across a little more smoothly. Just starting out isn't easy...but you have some skill. Polish those and keep striving for the next better flash. Overall, it has it's moments...but still needs work.

sorry but..

noobish movies can only be accepted if they are very funny. this one wasn't.


hahaha... that was not so bad, all things considered... but some parts of the movie made me laugh.

what kind of robber drops his gun in the bank after he gets the money? haha.

d-parrella responds:

True but then again is anything on the internet anywhere near real?

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Apr 13, 2008
10:50 PM EDT
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