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The Neo Geo classic has returned in Flash! That's right, the Neo Geo remake I've been hyping up for the past few months has been a BOWLING GAME!


Don't be! This is a damn fun game! My friends and I used to play this for hours - which is why I was sure to include the 4 PLAYER MODE in the transfer.

Things I intend to add:
1) More of the original cinemas that occur during play.
2) High score recording.
3) Multi-Player ON-LINE play!

The game isn't a 100% perfect translation, but it is reallllllly close. You wouldn't believe how many sprites I had to cut out in Photoshop to put this beast together! ENJOY!

Fixed Neo Geo looping intro.
Fixed timed-out power meter glitch.

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Awesome remake of this game!
First time played,i though I have to press the A button than the B button...
Also,the first time played,i did a lot of spare!


It's a pretty good remake
Pros:a complete recreation all the way down to the bios screen
four player modes remain intact

Cons: Missing the select hand/ball screen from the game
missing the other two modes from the game.

Fun Fact: did you know that the character "nadia" from secret of blue water is in the game (the screen where the bowler prays to the bowling gods for a hit, shes amongst the crowd in the background)

A Worthy Remake

For the most part this was a very worthy remake of one of the best Neo-Geo games of all time in my opinion anyways. The graphics were spot on and looked so colourful and splendid in flash form especially to be created by the creator of the site. The gameplay for the most part was fun and the music and sound effects were really well done and were tad on making it all the more fun to play. The presentation was great as the opening of the game with the title looked really nicely done.

Although this is a remake it could use some difficulties and maybe at the start of the game the speed of the control and power of the bowler could be slowed down at least just a few tads but otherwise decent.

Nicely presented with very nice and bright graphics although the gameplay starts off a little to difficult to catch on in time for it to start off fun.

-TY Reviews

Quite authentic

I never got into bowling in real life, but it is different with a game like this. The graphics in this are really impressive, especially with how the sprites work so well together. I had no idea CarrotClock made this submission, as I thought it was originally Tom Fulp. Anyway, it is not that of a frustrating game. You really have to make sure you really hit the "A" button when it is in the very middle if you want to go right down it. It is such a long runway it is so easy to go to either sides for a gutterball.

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Feb 7, 2002
3:19 PM EST
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