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Zeld's Mouse Maze

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Sorry about no music.

Also, ignore the title "Drew's Game"; I originally made this for a friend and my real name is Drew. So just ignore that.

Since my Internet crashed, I worked on Flash and decided to make a little game. It's one of my first entries that I worked on, and it's pretty good.

White background is because no background really fit for it.

So anyway, just enjoy it and rate fairly. =D


pretty funny

I have to admit that this was actually pretty funny despite the lack of good graphics, good game play you should use keyboard instead of mouse or reset level on left click, there was also a lack of originality and features to it. why call it zelda when it is more likely to be maze_test_001

i no the secret!!VICTORY

in no. 9 there iz no escape!!!!! I FOUND OUT THE SECRET.....right??!!

Fun little game. :)

This game is fun for a little time-waster. The graphics aren't so great but the overall game-play is simplistic and fun! A background would have been nicer, perhaps use a solid color for the dot in order for a background to fit? Just a little suggestion. I like it, though! :)

well it was pretty good for your first flash...

but. like any other maze game in the world, hold the left mouse button and you can cheat while going through walls....but ya over all pretty good!


OMGZOMGZ IT'S YOU! :OOOOOOO Nice game btw, put coding for disable right click.

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Zeld responds:

What the fuck? I'm not linkmandrew, Ryan. I'm really Zeld. Liinkmandrew just has the same first name as me.

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2.16 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2008
5:24 PM EDT
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