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Forklift Kid

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This game was originally made for the VGNG competition at TIGSource.com. The idea was to make a game in 24 days based on a title provided by the Video Game Name Generator.

It's possible to get stuck, so be ready to press 'R' to restart a level.

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cool game

its fun

i agree

this game does have a charm. i like this game.



I liked this game alot, it had its own little charm about it, great idea, great level design and great puzzles and controls throughout. Very good work with this. And 8th place is very good for this.
The gameplay was good, i liked the levels and the controls were excellent. The timer was a bit bland compared to everything else in the game though, so maybe spice that up a bit.

The graphics were excellent, the characters and levels had thier own unique flair and style and it was really cool and interesting, id love to see more games and even movies made in this style. The backrounds were colourful and interesting too.
The animtion was smooth throughout the game too, smooth running jumping and backround and object movement. nice work.
The music was fantastic. Nothing to even say about it.

Overall it was a very very good game. I really liked it and id love to see more. Good work!!

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I quite like how you've mapped the physics of this out - when the forklift gets to a block, you've got to be so careful, or it tips over. It is nice how you've prevented the Forklift from rolling over, but I think it would have added to the game if it were possible to actually bothc a level by rolling your forklift over, or something similar.

Nicely designed levels, challenging, but enjoyable puzzles and a catch little soundtrack. I'd suggest that you maybe have a hints button, just to try and show people the way out, for example - maybe penalise them some time for it.

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I love this game. First of all the graphics are so cute, lmao, the music fits in perfectly, the controls are smooth and the concept is a relativly original one as well. Twas a pleasure playing, keep up the great work!