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Theres a glitch in the system. Rogue code has been detected causing havoc with the simulated reality. You are tasked with purging the system of this code before it drops.


+ Type the letter before it reaches the bottom of the window.
+ Use the Space Bar to clear the whole screen.

P.S. I hope you like this, its my first flash game :)


A great game!!

A very adicctive game with a great matrix theme XD but you can improve it with extras and special words that give you rewards, or more lives if you achive an object score. But anyway a great game god job.



OMG this is a great game, I'm gonna go play some more! :D

Vulpix ^^

artificialgames responds:

hahah, im glad you like it mate, and btw how the hell did you get a score of 5.8 million!!!

Good for learning typing!

This is a good tool for learning typing and has a nice musical theme. Very addictive and fun to play.

First flash - First blood!

i must say it was quite entertaining. :)
It is a bit weird how it gets hard steeply when i was something around 50-75 k.
a few loading bars is a bit awkward as well.
Try making it a bit more interactive and fire-works like :)(if you want to make a sequel)
Maybe an option to support asian keyboards and special characters in many different languages (like, %u0105 %u0119 %u017A %u017C รณ %u0107 %u0142 - that's Polish)
I was expecting something really worse after 9,7 kb :)
Achievements, secrets are ok to add :)
Maybe a boss :)? like a ship made of letters, need to shoot the special characters the ship fires at you?Just an idea.
Try asking Armor Games(com) - they give support to game makers, and the effects(usually) are usually stunning. Anyway, have fun on your path of flash making :) Solid 8. a 5. Good luck :)

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artificialgames responds:

Thanks for the kind words mate. Ye i was thinking of adding all these things, but in the end i decided it would be best to get this one done and see if others like it and if its sufficiently popular then i can do a remake.

Thanks again for the kind words, really encourages me to make another, better, game :D


bad Font

I've seen this type of game before, although the matrix theme is new, and i must say that if the only new thing you bring to the concept is a new skin, you should take care to at least choose a readable font.

Nice atmosphere sound and gfx though.

artificialgames responds:

Oh? I didnt think it was an original concept but i couldnt find any other flash games like it about, can you point me to one like this?


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2.91 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2008
6:20 AM EDT
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