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Futurist Zelda Part III

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Author Comments

I doubt that this installment is much better than part 2, but here it is.
It's not so good in the beginning, but I think it's okay in the end. If it seems to end prematurely, that's because it does. I had imported two symbols from another document into the main one, and anytime I tried to anything(e.g, move the keyframes it was in or place the symbol on the stage) it would give me the library conflict message. So it was that, and I am beginning to get tired of working on this, so that is why it stops where it does.
I am going to take a long break from working on FLOZ, and do other things instead. I promise I will finish the FLOZ series, but the next episode will be long in coming.
This scene was definitely harder to make, especially with the walking Wolfos(who I know somebody out there is going to say that they look like German shepherds) Lemme tell ya, if you think making a person walk is hard, just try doing it for a four-legged animal! I think the walking came off looking pretty decent though.
Thanks to Robbieguy for telling me about the Super Flash Bros. website, otherwise I would still be having static heads throughout the entire thing.
Due to the abruptness of the cartoon, I doubt it will fetch high ratings on NG, but it was hard. I'm beginning to wonder if I should continue.
Sorry Robbieguy, this episode doesn't explain why Lord Moloch became bad.
My ineptitude in Flash is frustrating...If only I was able to draw exactly what I had in mind, you people would be more than amazed.
My friend Tom Kline(who by the way is the voice of three of the monsters in this cartoon) said to me that the second part didn't work when he went to watch it, and I can only assume that was because he didn't have the Flash 8 plugin. To all of you guys out there, make sure that your computer has Flash 8 or Flash 9 before you attempt to watch any of my cartoons, because they are all made in Flash Professional 8.
Wade has gone to bed! I have asked him plenty of questions, but he has not answered a single one!
Please leave a review, all of you if you can. I think I'll need as much help as I can get.

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Excellent series !

Wind Waker was a good start, but I always wanted to see what Legend of Zelda would look like in a futuristic Hyrule where the Legend roborns again after the corrupted power of Ganon rules the world. Keep this series alive, I need to see more.

LordHayden responds:

Yeah, for a spontaneously done job, I think it's not too bad

yup, its getting good.

Well hello.
I mean this in the least offensive way possible, but you can tell you got bored with the series.
Your new animations are great, really good, especiallt the old man, the wolfos and jack? (i think his name was), if you had implemented all of this on your old animations, alothough it would have taken alot of time, it would be alot better, and less conflicting?
I note your great attension to detail, for example the wolfos pressing the button to open the door, you obviously feel like you want to do this, and do i right, which is why your taking the break, which i may add is a wise thing to do.
The voice acting again, isnt supurb but is gettting better, but again you could tell you were getting slightly bored when you added the few 'jokes' like the guys talking with weird accents etc.
lip syncing was good.
the begining happened all a bit too fast, and lack of colour on different walls etc made it slightly confusing.

even things such as the background were poorly done, i can see the good bits, and see the bits which were better and they are really good, i know you are capible of good flash, you just got annoyed at it and kinda gave up trying.
Thanks for the thanks by the way.

did the sword have no blade for a reason? is it going to be a kind of master sword light sabre type thing? lol that would be nice.

anyway message me again when you get a new flash on ng, id be really interested to see it. In the mean time good luck.

LordHayden responds:

I will, dude.

Hello again

I have to say that the animation in the begining before any vocal tracks are played is pretty tacky, but everything after that was good. Lip sync was good and I thought the movement with the eyes was fantastic. It's too bad that we won't see the next installment for a while, but perhaps you might improve your skills over that time and it could be better than the rest. Good luck.

This Flash

has the potential to be great you just need to learn to be better with flash instead of a noob like you are i htink you should take a flash tutorial or try to improve cause the story line is good just the animation could be way better

LordHayden responds:

I know. I do indeed need to improve, I keep checking the tutorials, and trying to put them in practice, maybe I shall become better.

Still good.

I thought it was the ending several times also, try to fix that. Also, I think you should continue the series. You never know, you may find ways to improve between this one and the next one.