Green vs. Pink

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An epic struggle between two martial artists, the passive-agggressive 'Green', versus the aggressive-aggressive Pink. It pays homage to the disco music of the 70's. This award winning stick figure fighting movie, has an unexpected ending, and frankly, the whole thing will most likely rock your socks off. Especially if you're a fan of disco music. Enjoy!

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incredible awesome perfect funny flash......well done =)

that was awesome

that was hilarious man! plz make another one !

Axle-Mills responds:

Thanks a lot, I sure will make another one! :)


it was quite cool and funny though though of the graphics. could have done better but it was still very cool. Sound effects were perfect and combined well with there moves. you say it may be obvious but not all but not all combine sound effects well and others even don't do any.

I give you an 8 rate for this only because as they said before i would not hug someone after i was fighting with him and become friends with a dance. But it was still great

Axle-Mills responds:

Thanks for the review. Not a sucker for happy endings, then? At least it's a change from everyone dying, I say. Thanks for the positive comments on the sound effects! I did try to mix things up a bit.
Thanks again!

Well done

I can not believe that that this didn't come in with a better score, very nicely done. You obviously took a good amount of time on this and paid close attention to detail, which is something rare with a lot of new animations on this site. My hat is off to you.

Axle-Mills responds:

Thanks a lot! I have been working on it for a pretty long time, and it did win me a brand-new videocamera, so it can't have been too bad, right?! :)
Thanks again, great review!


it's really good vid, nice storyline,great fight sences,but the ending well not to be mean but kinda homo....probly not the best thing to say on my part but i would be hugging some guys that i was fight for like 2 hrs with...w/e thats just me but great vid!

Axle-Mills responds:

Thanks for the feedback. 'Homo' isn't exactly the word I would use! :)
I just wanted to make a stick fight movie with a happy ending for once! :)
Thanks again, anyway! :P

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3.00 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
10:32 PM EDT
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