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Stabika: 99 Red Balloons

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**EDIT** Hey peoples, Porter here. The cheating situation has been taken care of, if you don't believe me try it :P All Scores below 38 seconds were deleted due to suspicion of them being scores achieved through cheating. Enjoy the game, and play legit :)

Millz: Hey Newgrounders, Millz here, commenting on this, our latest iteration of the Stabika series. Don't get confused: THIS IS NOT STABIKA 3! This aint even Stabika 2.5. Consider it a "promotional mini-game" It neither furthers the story or introduces new gameplay elements ( well, mine exploding ) We've had it for a while now, but we're kinda "re-releasing" it now, with working high-score table, to celebrate the upcoming release of Stabika: episode 3. So enjoy it for what it is: a simple, wtf time waster. Click the mines as fast as you can. Make sure it's the mines you click, not the balloons. Have fun.

Porter: Hey newgrounds, It's been a long time since Stabika Episode 2 was released. This small game is in honor of Stabika episode 3 which is due to hit the internet within the next few weeks. We've been working on it since the beginning of November and believe that it will be a huge success.

Pertaining to this game, this was simply something I did after coding Stabika 2, I sent it to Millz and we both laughed are asses off at the stupidity of it. It was kind of my way of venting after programming episode 2, and this is the result. Again the game is mostly a joke and something to raise awareness for episode 3. The music is "99 Red Balloons" created by Nena. Enjoy and be sure to check out our pages for information on Stabika Episode 3, it's going to be epic.

For info on Stabika Episode 3, check our profiles

From both of us, enjoy.

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This game is a total joke. Completely out-of-context in comparison to its predecessors.

TheMillz responds:

Yeah it was a joke. Google Stabika 4: Retribution

Fun game

the animation was good and I actually liked it, good job, although I do wish you would have used the german version of the song, in my opinion it is better, but its good. Hey and what's the story with the guy standing in the middle?

Well i dont know if your German

When i read 99 balloons the song "99 Luft Bullons came into my head.Its a german song.It looks like there's a translation button on there in German which nothing happened when i clocked on it so i dunno.There is a game on newgrounds called click the circle or something where you compete online with other people and chat while playing.It wold be nice if this had some more features.Nice character drawing.
For some reason I cant hear any noise on this game.I didn't know what to write so here's my badly written review.Yeah my grammar sucks :S


This stabika game really disappointed me. Red ballons? WTF! Dont post something like this ever again.

Matt-Porter responds:

You'll live, learn to take a joke man. As for the main stabika series, we've both learned an amazing amount of game design techniques lately and episode 4 will not disappoint anyone that matter, so keep an eye out for it in the coming months, it should be amazing. Again, this game was meant to raise awareness of stabika 3 since it had been so long between 2 and 3, we wanted the name to be in peoples heads again, think of it as a mini poster. Anyway, thanks for playing.

ok whish it were goldfinger

Im not really a mini game fan but i checked this out for the song. I wish it were the it the version done be goldfinger :'( Alot more rocky/punky and fun to listen to. Would have made the game a more than once playthrough. But thats just my taste.

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3.61 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2008
10:15 PM EDT