Escape from Scientology

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We made this over a year ago, right around when Mr. Cruise was going crazy. Luckily, the Scientologists haven't found us and threw us in jail. If you like this one, we have parts 2&3 on our website. -- slippy jenkins

The other episodes:

http://www.liquidgenerati on.com/Games/Celebrity/To m_Cruise/

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Take that, Scientology! That's for brainwashing Isaac Hayes and letting him leave South Park! *sighs* But it's too late for Isaac for he's dead now. He died from a minor stroke(pfft! Doesn't seem minor to me 'cuz he's dead now! =/ ). It's all because Scientology stressed him out and brainwashed him soooo badly that it fucking killed him! Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I'm not religious though! This is a fact!

Why didn't others drop like flies in a Scientology cult? Oh, they did, you just don't know it yet! Plus it's mostly happening to non-celebrities than celebrities really.

Poor Isaac Hayes, I hoped it would never ended like this but it did....rest in peace, brotha'. =,,,(

And that, Demigod, is why they made Isaac Hayes a friend instead of enemy in this game.

this is cool because I love pixel.10/10 for this cool,amazing game

Awesome Game

Awesome game, No complaints at all and I can hardly way till act 2, Only suggestion which I wager was referenced with those pills, ranged weapons would be nice.

NICE! But where's my boomerang?

Great game, just like the other guy said, this felt alot like Zelda: A Link to The Past. My only suggestions are say, a charged up spin attack (lol) when you hold the spacebar, a boomerang, and somehow implement those little coins for something other than score. Like a more powerful weapon or w/e lol. Good job :P

LiquidGeneration1 responds:

Yep, Zelda was a HUGE inspiration for this game.


Just loved the scenerio. The only thing i would change is the environment. If we are talking scientology, this should have taken place on mars or in a bio lab. HA. Good game man

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Apr 10, 2008
8:15 PM EDT
Adventure - Other