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Circle of Pain

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EDIT: it DOES work guys, so quit saying it dosn't. I suggest LOW QUALITY settings for slow computers. It is STRONGLY suggested you read the controls. This game is really fun, by all accounts, if you just TAKE YOUR TIME to learn it. Cannot emphasize that enough.

TECHNICAL SOLUTIONS: for people having problem loading/running the game, update flash player and check their internet connections.For people having problem with load, also tell them to close and reopen NG flash's window, to restart loading.

Edit 2: OMG frontpage, kickass! If you like this game, help us out by submitting a recommendation to the "Action Games" collection, it would mean a lot to us! :D

The tutorial in the game will explain most of the controls, but here is a list to get you up to speed while it loads:

Quick controls:

"LEFT" & "RIGHT" ------move you around the circles
jumps between circles, when held adjust camera "up"
drops a mine ( if you have any )
"Z"---------------------- initiates "zoom" when adrenaline bar is full
"X"---------------------- initiates "shield" when adrenaline bar is full
"C"---------------------- switches between normal and landscape camera view
"A" ( after collision )--- launches hook ( if you've purchased it )
"S" ( after collision )--- launches gust ( if you've purchased it )

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I don't mean to sound like a dumbass, but if there is Fusion Frenzy there should be Circle of Pain.

Ten out of ten really good and will play lots.

The Time it take to turn around is so slow and the art looks kind off cheap but other then that the game is great

TheMillz responds:

Thanks, I made this game when I was like 13. You should check my new shit, it's next level : https://gamejolt.com/games/nightmarefishingtournament/263300

This is fun and the theme for Perfect Cell goes "perfectly" with this. Great job dude!

Nice, original game but i don't have much of a challenge, make it harder :3