Animal farm

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this is a very addictive game based on sound. This tests your short memory power. The more you will remember , the urther you can go in this game.

PLay it And have fun.

thanx for playing.
your suggestions to make it better are most welcome.


Funny at first then...

just annoying. I usually like memory games too but those animal sounds got on my nerves very quickly. Not sure why the animals were blacked out too. I understand what you were trying to do, almost like a 'Simon' but there was no consistancy. It kind of brough a new dynamic to it though(the short term memory) but made it less fun. Also, It can get pretty confusing if you hit the 'next level' button but the previous sound has not finished. Not a bad effort though.

Surprisingly fun

Many years ago my brother got a toy that did almost exactly this, though it wasn't particularly complicated and only made 4 sounds in a random order. This flash game expands on that simple premise and promises hours of fascinating, if not occasionally frustrating fun.

Good work but needs some polish.

Good fun kids game. But...
When you get a wrong answer, how about an end sequence or total score instead of just returning to the title screen.
Also, at certain levels, how about a change of scene or animals? (OK, maybe it does this already but I honestly can't be bothered to play it that far to find out ;p).
Good job!

ooh kinda nice

this is one game tat would be nice for the not so aged players as it reminds me of those point at the right animal sound book kids get to learn what say "moo" and what sounds "beee"
well some instructions would be good.
and some more animals maybe.


ya unless three years old, ummm i dont think this game will make it

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Apr 9, 2008
7:32 AM EDT
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