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MindShock Fighting Engine

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......you know...I have an updated version of this on my flash drive with redone bg graphics for the boss and runs WAY the hell smoother for the last week....and havn't uploaded it anywhere....christ I'm a lazy bastard XD hopefully I'll get home from school and update the file...but it's monday :P

UPDATE 4/10/08 - I've read the reviews and taken the advice I've seen, I've increased the speed you move at by 1.5X, increased enemy health, and done a couple of graphics tweaks (such as the light effect in the teleporting now). A little tweak to the boss also, I fixed up his rocket attack so you won't be damaged by the flames of the explosions when they're barely visible (noticed it being an annoyance for me after awhile), on top of that, I made the falling attack much harder to dodge by having his target mark follow you for about a second, and in turn made the gap between mark and fall about .3sec :D
Also, I've rendered this 100% glitch free now, the graphical glitch for the dashing has been fixed and should no longer happen if you tap dash in the air.

Also, woot 9th place :P

3rd release of the engine, and the first Beta that is (for the mostpart) 100% glitch-free and actually reminescent of a full game.

New stuff since Beta2? Throws added, THE BOSS :P, AI tweaks, fixed the backflip->jump landing glitch, damage tweaked, replaced a few sfx (blocking attacks, some attack whiffs).....and some other stuff I can't remember offhand.

The boss doesn't deal much for damage, I know, but that's why this is a BETA! :D

make sure you read the controls on the preloader, it's setup similar to MUGEN's control scheme, plus the spacebar for throws (may eventually use throws to start up a combo, such as grab then hold them and punch them in the ribs, or to choke).
REMEMBER: You can do a light punch, light kick, or heavy punch when in the air, but only if you havn't double jumped yet

now the glitches I DO know of? only 2.
if you have a combo displayed and you click BOSS TEST...eh...it flashes on you. Can't seem to get the game to reset the combo timer between the boss and normal >_<
the other is just the occaisional dash graphical glitch that happens sometimes when you land from an aerial attack.

btw, the song is Corrupt Souls - "Dropzone"

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121030210321321.combo! nice game


The beta alone is really fun but the controlls are a little bit confusing. Just have a game with good story and plot and you would have a really good game.

In the future....

I really enjoyed this, the audio was a good compliment. This engine has alot of possibilities. RPG, Fighting, Side scrolling adventure. The possibilities are endless. I look forward to see what you do with it.


very nice, many attacks and good ie's and bosses. 9\10 4\5


that was interesting...but i wnt you to understand that this is a 10 only because i liked the simple way it played if it had a story line that had to be followed then that would have been cool

TheComet responds:

It's an engine not a full game however, so there's no story. It's designed to get the core coding setup for future use in other projects

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2008
11:22 PM EDT