Megaman vs. Link

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Gerkin and me were debating the "technology vs. history" thing when it turned to "yeah, well megaman would win because he has the technological advantage"

and thus, this animation sprouted from that idea.

Hope you like it.

Music: Lets fighting love- South Park

Sprites obtained from the spriters resource

EDIT: yeah im resubmitting this because i realised the play button didnt work haha, it was quite embarrasing. Now my play button isnt shiny, which is annoying but meh.


this is why sprite flashes have a bad rep

First off: fix the F'ing play button, I had to use the right click play function just to watch this. Secondly: double-check your spelling, "psuhups" is not a word, push-ups is probably what you meant to say. Third: your speech pattern was off the freaking wall, "Give that back please" followed by an arrow in the back and saying "yeh bitch" is not even close to a normal speech pattern, it sounds like Link has schizophrenia.
Lastly: your name thing lasted far too long, we don't need to spend ten seconds looking at five words; and you didn't need that scene cut text, it was obvious where they were going. Well, better luck next time.

The-Chudabadoonga responds:

well....he asked for it back nicely and megaman ran away so do you think he would still be polite?

and ease up, its one small spelling error, and you can clearly see what its supposed to mean

and and and and and

some people arent very smart, they need to be told where they're going

Fix this

It sounds like an interesting idea but if the play button doesnt work then whats the point.... 0/10

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Half n Half

It was half good and half bad


For me and my taste in little fighting flashes...where was all the cursing man?
I could of been funnier....ya know..in the way fighting flashes are funny

no work

It not work me. Neither did the right click play trick. But the opening title images were nice to look at :P So, fix plz?

Keep it REaL,
5/10 2/5 [2.18 / 5.00 (- 0.00056)]

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2.14 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2008
9:40 AM EDT
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