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Boot Stick Shark

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Author Comments

Update: The shark now moves decently faster and eating scientists now gives you slightly more health. I hope that this as well as the tip section below help to make the game a little easier. Good luck and have Fun!

You play as Boot Stick Shark, a shark vigilante on a mission to save his friends. The evil scientists captured Boot Stick and his friends and Boot Stick was the only one able to escape.

This game may seem hard at first, but once you get the hang of it its not so bad. Make sure to keep going after the first stage because you get a new weapon after every stage.

Couple tips:
1) Save the ice beam for when 2 scientists are standing back to back, you can freeze them both and noone will attack you from the other side while you attend to them.
2) Some people have claimed it is easier to constantly head in one direction despite the scientists coming from the other side (except it is probably best to turn around to kill the robots).
3) The rockets are only effective against the robots.

Have Fun!

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Awesome game was pretty fun


i don't even have the time to get close enought and they kill meeeeeeeee

Ha really funny

this is a funny game and you have created a good character but it was bloody hard, try to involve more enemys and attacks

That was one hard fucking game...

I'm definitely a girl who likes a challenge, but even I thought it was a bit too tough. The idea behind the game is good, but I didn't really care for the mechanics of the game. Like, regaining health from the waddling professors was funny and well planned, but I thought it was way too easy for the chark to die. The controls weren't that responsive and I sometimes got stuck between...er...walking (if that's what you want to call it :P) and biting. I think the bitting animation was a bit long too. By the time I bit into something, I was just about dead.

At the most....I would say to make this game better, would be to make the bullet wounds a little less fatal. Other than that, I think everything else can be brushed off.

I was entertained.

Teeter-Bird responds:

I made the game a little bit easier now, I hope you'll give it another shot.


My shark got himself shotted....

There are some good things about this game. The scientists remind me a lot of the professor on Futurama, so that was kinda funny. The shark and the boot thing are brilliant, however the rest of the game just seems lacking. The beach background is kind of boring, the shark moves wayyyyyyyyy too slow, and theres no way to block the hail of gunfire from the scientists. The ice beam is useless more or less because you can never get to the scientists before they unfreeze and they just continue to pop caps in my ass uneaten! The rocket launcher obviously just for robots, which is also gay because by then there are so many scientists, and the shark is just limping from one side to the next and just unable to eat fast enough to keep his health up.

In order to make this better, you have to speed up the shark, I mean he's a SHARK for christs sake, the worlds deadliest predator, he should be able to pull out the W no matter what. A little variety in the enemies would be nice, and I would say you need to make the window bigger and add a little more gore factor to the sharks feeding frenzy, I want to see blood and hear screams of horror muffled inside the sharks belly. If he could poop the scientists out from time to time I think I would die laughing too. Also change up the backgrouds somewhat, and get some better music going, I know there's a heck of a selection in Newground's music area, check it out and look for something more predatory and menacing. Good effort, try and incorporate more into your next attempt and I think you could have something really good. Good luck!

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2008
10:00 PM EDT