Tainted Kingdom

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Instructions are in the game. Game saves automatically.


Hey guys, after several months of production we present you 'Tainted Kingdom!' This strategy game includes 10 missions, a fully animated and voiced storyline by Will Arbuckle and Andrew Dennis, and epic original music by David Orr.

If you want to give constructive criticism please label your comments with either "COMPLAINT", "SUGGESTION" or "BUG." It helps me sort it out faster. We DO read all comments and try to respond to as many as possible!

Please enjoy the game!
<3 Krin



1: Knights
2: Hunters
3: Priests
4: Crusaders
5: Royal Guards
6: Hero Unit
7: Healing Blast
8: Defense Tower



*Swift Victory: Complete Mission within the days specified.
*Master of Tactics: Complete Mission without using a hero.
*Deadly Commander: Earn both 'Swift Victory' and 'Master Tactician' at the same time.

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I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't get it.

Why is the battle system so convoluted?

I can only send out a certain number of a certain type of troop...but also only a certain number of troops in general? Even if the enemy is defenseless it can still be a stalemate if I run out of troops? Even if they're only one hit left away from defeat, I lose my gold star because...why?

Plus, resources seem a bit tight, all things considered. Since I obviously don't just have troops for fighting, but for...occupying...I need to balance sending strong troops to kill and weak troops to occupy, whilst keeping track of my population meter, whilst keeping track of my resources to run out of neither, WHILST making sure both are strong enough to kill off an enemy rather than straight up die because the enemy had a bunch of passive upgrades I was unaware about.



this is how you do something creative, combine age of war with multiple rows, add in a map like many RTS games on this site, the micromanagement adds a lot more to the strategy than just spamming the best unit, and of course the cutscenes look like they are out of a independent animation.

though i'm kinda let down with the bonus, with the epilogue at the end i thought the bonus would be the final level or something then the reward for that was playing as the anchients.

speaking of them, i love the artstyle in this game, partially the designs of the alien like anchients and the human characters.

Cavaliers severely OP :D

good way to pass some time.


Perhaps a title music would be quite a nice addition, as well as one for the intro text. I'm not saying it's a necessary thing, but it'd be nice to have; it does seem kinda plain without it. Also, the intro text could do with another font; that way, it'd have a more, let's say, "medieval feel".

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4.03 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2008
7:11 PM EDT
Strategy - Other
  • Daily Feature April 8, 2008