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Full Title: A Day In The Life Of Yoshi

II. Newcomer

In this episode, a mysterious character shows up at Yoshi's door. Who is he and what is his ambitions? Find out in this long, humorous, movie about Yoshi. Special thanks to DP36 and LyricMaster for doing voices. P.S. This is my longest flash to date.

Flash Info:
Frames: 2,896
FPS: 16
Run Time: 3 Minutes
.fla filesize: 13.7 Mb
Started: April 2
Finished: April 6



Good episode but as far as I checked there was no continued episode I either missed it or there isn't one I like the audio choice and I like how you didn't make the file size TO large. The pace and sense of timing is perfect and the quality of animation is fairly good.

good work

did you do this frame by frame? that was a good flash man.

Sispri responds:

Thanks a ton.

Needs a lot of work to be good.

Animation/Graphics - First off the animation itself needs to be worked on. Things like the walking could be worked on greatly. That's really the biggest thing in terms of animation. The drawing also needs to be done a lot better. If the drawing was worked on this flash would seem like much better quality. The background, the characters, and generally most of the things that were drawn in this flash need to be worked on to an extent.

Story/Content - Another great concept. You do have a lot of good ideas when it comes to flashes. Weren't you going to include me in one of these man? I could have done voices and everything for it. Even though my mic doesn't work on my computer anymore. The story wasn't too bad. Kind of a nice flash to sit back and relax when you are watching.

Audio - This really needs a lot of work. Was that your voice that I heard? Anyway, sometimes the voice was really loud and sometimes the voice was really quiet. Sometimes the quality of the voices were alright and somtimes the quality of the voices sounded like shit. When there is static it just means the person has to back off of the mic and talk loud and clear. The voices need a lot of work.

Overall - If the drawing, animation, and voices were better in this flash I wouldn't doubt that it would get some sort of award whether it be a daily award or one of the RCP or underdog awards.

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Sispri responds:

Thank you soooo much for this review omgomgomg!!! I am going to individually respond to all your reviews now.

For starters, yeah the character was shaky and the gameplay laggy. But you gotta cut me some slack on the scripting of the .clipEvents. The music WAS indeed superior and Andrew W.K. is without doubt awesome. But I digress as this was a mere BETA test. In the future I hope to release even more unique stuff like this. Perhaps this time with a lovable character such as a talking pumpkin.

I really hope this game gets sponsored. I could really use some money for gas. Otherwise I'll have to get a job and there goes my right-side creativity. Baw well.
Thanks again though. I will continue to improve with my journey in the wonderful world of Flash.


way better than the first!

Awesome Animation.

But the voice acting was not so great. There was lots of blur and the voice sounded like a 6 year old. But its still really good.

Sispri responds:

Yeah LyricMaster voiced Yoshi in this ep. It's better than Speakonia but yeah. Thanks!

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3.73 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2008
4:15 PM EDT
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