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This is the first 2D flash animation I've made in YEARS. It took a while for me to get back into the controls but I found out in the end.
I made a parody of a short news bulletin about a man's trousers falling down.
I only animated the face because I'm not that advanced yet.


That was not good enough

Despite your supposedly low skills animation is ok, and with a spark of individuality it could be good (when there are no skills individuality is good thing to replace them). I struggled to understand voices of characters (i'm not native english speaker). The really weak things are plot and humor. Idea of parody of news bulletin has great potential, but humor in your work is shallow (if its not some "inner circle" thing). These days, for some people silly humor still works if it is widely abstract (but then it is abstractivity which works, not humor). Your is just silly. Making loop was mistake. It's annoying.

AmyMation responds:

Lol thanks, but this was my first flash so I think if you put your first flash up you'd get the same comments.

Really funny and Pretty Good animation

Loved the mouth movement, really great for an amateur. i did not mind the computer voices as much, their speech was pretty good, and it didnt have a fuzzy noise in the background. i would of liked if you had a reporter talking to oe at the scene where it happened, but a phone call is okay too. so 8/10 stars, and i really enjoyed this animation!

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Needs improvement

The animation was ok I guess.
but you could do the speech so much better
besides this movie is to short.
but it really has some potential. :D

AmyMation responds:

Lol Uhm thanks, I did say: "parody of a short news bulletin"

But... Thanks for the review

kwl and yh y cant there b any sun lol

not half bad 4 ur 1st flash its kwl

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not bad

4/10 simply because it really wasn't that bad. it was short and has lots of room for playing around. But, for a first flash in x years, you still have talent there--just wake it up :) A suggestion would be to kill the loop at the end and make a replay button instead. You also forgot the sports section--rain (why can't we have any d*** sun?? lol).

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2.03 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2008
11:53 AM EDT
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