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Song: "Sunlight" by DJ Sammy (someone asked me the name of it and I forgot to put it here).

If you've checked out my profile on SA, then you've probably seen this flash. I started this last year and finished earlier this year. I was going through a animator's block at the time. - -; I tried focusing on backgrounds and special affects for this one. I feel that there are a few things in here that even I myself consider crappy and would like to do over, but I'll just submit what I've got anyway.

The girl in the flash in indeed me/Midori. Like I said, I do a lot of flashes of myself and my OC's, so get used to that. ^ ^ I guess just ignore the end of the flash since it's my ID for SA, ya know?



really good. excellent colours, great animation.

One thing that kinda bugs me. When suddenly she's falling and hits the water, was that supposed to look kingdom hearts-y or is it just me?


animation was amazing, colors were perfect. very nice, very nice indeed.

1 min of great animation

-Song > I enjoyed the music which is 1/2 the battle with a music video type flash
-Animation > Everything was well drawn and easy to follow. (some other flashes can be cluttered)
-Variety > The flash kept doing new things, there was no repetition in the visuals.

-Length > I understand that this is meant to be an ID for SA (whatever that is) but for Newgrounds, it was incomplete.
-Continuity > There were pretty big leaps in the animations. Like when she was standing there and then suddenly falling and then suddenly in the water. It would be an improvement to show how she fell, how she entered the water, etc.

Like my sumary said, the minute of animation that was there was great. It really is a shame that you didn't animate the entire song. Also, you can tell a bit more of a story by filling in those blanks in the action and that would be another improvement.


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The flash is cool but I hate stuff like this...
too mushy

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MidoriEyes responds:

Sorry. ^ ^; My anime style and personality itself is kinda mushy.

Like A Dating Profile Flash

While this shows a better range of subject matter and much greater thematic unity than most submissions, it also abruptly turns into a glorified personal ad. The overall effect is somewhat bizarre - is this humor? Is it social commentary on the responses a female artist tends to garner on the internet? Is it in earnest? Perhaps it's some combination of the above, but the viewer is left guessing.

Midori's artwork is well-suited to capturing emotion and movement. For some, the stylized "sketchpad" drawings may ultimately give an unfinished feel to the product.

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MidoriEyes responds:

Woah, this is one professional review! XD Thanks for your supportive comment! I would like to show the world what female flash artists can do (even though I know there are others better than me). I won't answer any of the questions you posed in your review b/c if I'm interpreting them right, they're probably rhetorical. :)

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3.61 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2008
9:46 PM EDT
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