Yu-Gi-Oh 24

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General Orlov brings his forces into position, Ridge Forrester returns and even Uri Geller has something to say about this episode.


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everyone else was too kind in thier comments

i am sorry but it was just....just aweful, of course i didnt understand it but that does not make it random. is "ghjfd;aht" random? no it is just very poor spelling, i gave it a 1 cause it looked like you tried there, and i don't like yugio either


Looks like the series is so awesome, it invaded the entire front page of Newgrounds! :D And along with that, there really needs to be a collection for these flashes and I wonder why Tom Fulp hasn't even made one yet. I highly suggests he makes a collection for this wonderful series. :D

Anyway, onto the flash itself, the best part is of course, the front page invasion. I had to screenshot that part to read all the brief summaries of each episode and they really made me laugh out loud! And besides that, good ol' Yugi and Pegasus with their classic "Yuuugiiii?" "Yeeeees?" lines! :D And of course, "Look very closely", lol.

Overall, awesome flash, more randomness and it seems you two are keeping up this constant pace of making these flashes, which makes me really happy. Excellent work Team Lorio and I hope to see episode 25 really soon! :D



Well, I had to close it out. Cause ...it was just sooo..

2 for Effort.

It sucked.

It was....well..... Slapped together in five minutes. That's what it looked like. I gave you points for the joke you did to the newgrounds front page though. that, I liked.

Funny and random

Got to say I really enjoyed this one! Can't wait for the next one, really.

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2.60 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2008
11:10 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody