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This Is A Small Loop That I Made.
This is the first animation I've ever done so I'm not expect anything to come from it really.
Newgrounds is Just so wicked I just thought adding this couldn't hurt!!
So Enjoy.

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for flash animation reviews and more!!!!

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wow, you made symbol symphony fast

this was your first submission possibly but the submission above it was also by you, did u have them both prepared and, never mind, really off topic, well i liked it a little so i gave it a 2

45Percent responds:

I had both submissions prepared.
Thanks for the review :D


Im going to have to say that i liked it.

I like those kinda weird animations.

I think you got something going here.

This is the kinda stuff i make, so fix the drawings and animation.

Put some more time and effort into it and i think it will come out good in the end just let me know if you submit a longer better version of this

45Percent responds:

Glad you liked it and ill keep ya posted :}


If there was any message in this I would give it at least a half decent mark, but I got no message from this. I just enjoyed the zelda music and watched scribbles. I'll give it 4 stars because the music was nice and I'll vote a 2 because I feel generous AND it was your first. Try making another animation tho, just because you get a lame score on one doesn't mean you can't try again. Go for it. Keep with the scribbles theme if you and and making loops but at least include some form of message or meaning.

45Percent responds:

As I said for New999
Thank you for your comment.
Scribbles is my thing so yes I will keep with it I also do seizure animation and have a couple of them which I've done and one I will add to Newgrounds.
But apart from that I'm buckling and working on something BIG!
Also it thought it had a little meaning sort of the cycle of life kind of a thing.


the building part was cool

but that was about it

needs alot of work

i give you 2 cause the music was fine but the animation needs alot of work. same thing with Symbol Symphony. try your best on your next animation before you put it on NewGrounds. look at what you need to fix or/and improve and then check again. when you get it good put it on NewGrounds then you might get a better score from people. good luck on your next animation and lets hope you get a better score from me ; ). 2/10 1/5


45Percent responds:

As I said I merely added this to get some feed back on what people thought.
When I made this I'd just start high school and had been dumped with loads of work so my time was limited.
But I am now working on a proper full length animation.
But thank you to all for not tossing this aside as a pathetic heap of trash but instead as an "ok" first attempt.


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2.31 / 5.00

Apr 6, 2008
1:39 AM EDT