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The Last Canopy

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This was a submission for the Jayis Casual Game Design Competition #5, centered around the theme "upgrade". I've always been inspired by shmups like Touhou, Gradius, Warning Forever and all those Cave shooters, so I thought of developing a shmup of my own. Hope you enjoyed the game as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Use the mouse or arrow keys to move. Hold Z or Y to shoot. Hold X to send out the absorb beam. Press P to pause and Q twice to quit.

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Nice work.Just add a little more bullets.
Well you may learn a lot from CAVE's STG games.Excellent ones but also merciless ones...

add more bullets and a more tiny hit box....

Couldn't enjoy it

it wasn't the story or the feel so much as the fact that it was one of the most easy shmups I've ever played. on the first level at least, every enemys weakness was too easy to find, and the first boss, I just stayed still for most of it, and still beat it in one life. sorry, but I'd rather stick to touhou.
Good effort though, it must have taken a while to get the graphics as good as they are. The main problem was the bosses, they were too easy. look to touhou for more advanced attacks, so to kill the player more often and increase the time playing.

Even in 2010... soon 2011...

This game kicks ass!

It's brutal how I lose 50+ lives beating it... However the graphics made me somewhat dizzy. It's also hard to play this game in such a small window as I usually dragged the mouse out of focus and the keyboard was really slow to maneuver properly - all in all, this game deserves a 5/5 and 9/10 even now. :)

heh heh

This game was great! I rate so many things on newgrounds... I have been using newgroudns for a good 8+ years or so, and this game is fun, and also includes a unique style of gameplay, I love the absorbing ability! I would strongly suggest ignorng the lower score reviews as they don't have legit reason for their low score, such as "boyish game" seriously wtf... I take it he didn't even play the game -.-; epic fail, and as for "The absorb abilities wear off too fast" seriously dude... it's a freakin game, what do you want him to do... hand you the power ups and shit? You gotta earn them! It's what makes the game Challenging! ;o Good work!

p.s. >.> this is the longest review I have ever written...


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3.89 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2008
11:09 PM EDT