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this idea came to me while i was sitting on the toilet....
lol nah this idea actually came from my son Liam , he was actually the one on the toilet i was just watching him and the idea suddenly came to me....

p.s im only 17 years old :)



u call " girls" because you try to attract attention? :)
The music is a great choice...but... it does not happen nothing!
I think that you dont tired a lot to make it ;)


As it was said before, the people talking about watching your son have absolutely no idea what they are saying. Some would wonder though what made you thought of this anyways because its strange if watching your son made you think of this.
I would like to point out that, to me, the title of your flash makes no sense.

I would have to say that the animation is dull. It is just the same thing over and over again and when you added the guy in the back all you did was change his face and the color of his shirt, but used the same animation. So, if you make any more flashes, I would recommend you put more time into them. Even if you use a mouse you can make a better looking flash and also add more variety to your animation.

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frankly the flash sux...

and ppl keep giving bad reviews couse "he was watching his son going on the toilet" well if its true and hes 17 and has a son... do you really think his son is potty trained?.... just to give you a simple fact. your parents watched you while you were on the toiled when you were little kids. sorry if i give you nightmares but thats the truth.anyway.... the song is great and well you made an effort to make a flash so 3/10 but you still need to practice on it...

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Great song

But crappiest idea ever for a flash.

But great song none-the-less.

oh, and about you watching your son on the toilet...
people get arrested for less.
think about it.

im only

giving you 1 cuz i love this song othere then that i hate it

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Apr 5, 2008
1:14 PM EDT
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