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The Ness Collab

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The Ness Beats Everything Collab

The premise:
Ness has become unstoppable and goes about destroying everyone in his path.

Congratulations to the authors who took part in this collab, and thank you for your time and dedication. This collab has been brought to you by Short Factor and these collab members. But I have a few things to say...
First of all, sorry the file size is so big, I tried my best to compress it.
Some parts are more skippy than others. The first scene is very graphic intensive for some reason, so please don't leave at first glance, most of the movie runs smoothly (the movie is 25 FPS).
I know there's no main menu, scene select, or authors' page, but my time and resources are somewhat limited right now. I had to finish this quickly, as I have much to deal with in life. Not to worry, I will put much more time and effort into my next collab, as by then I won't have so much else to deal with.
Also, I'm very sorry some of you didn't make it into the collab. Mercenary81, your part was way too slow and I couldn't fit it, and you never made a better one (that I know of).
And you are reading the credits right. Alvin Earthworm was very close to joining the collab, but he ended up being too busy.
Oh, and props to BlackDevilX for support, and making four segments for this collab.
If you ask me or BlackDevilX when our next movie is coming out or how to make Flash movies, I will ignore your review. Read my profile page first.
Also my usual animated logo is not in this, as I feel that would practically be taking all the credit.
Now I command you to ENJOY THE MOVIE!!

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Apparently this is getting a (I assume fan made) sequel and I'm happy to be alive to witness it happening.

I’m interested in this I would love this


God tier shit

Somebody send in Shin Akuma, Oni, Fleetway Sonic, Nazo, Dark Sonic, Metallix, Giygas, Evil Ryu, God Rugal, Gill, any powerhouses at Ness.