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Sonic 15th 2wo

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For 3 years, people have asked me what the song on the main menu is, I have answered serveral inbox'd messages about and god knows how many reviews. So for once and for all, STOP ASKING!
The Song is titled in the End Credits! But for those who NEVER read it, it's called 'Levan Polka' AKA Leekspin. NOW STOP ASKING!

Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes 2wo

*NOTE* This Movie is around 10 minutes long...get some popcorn.

*Sub-Note* This movie is sprited, Sprite haters, avoid.

Don't forget to check out Sonic 15th 1, and leave a review :P

Look out for the Two Easter Eggs on the Main Menu. *I have had a lot of people ask where the easter eggs are, they're both on the main menu, one hidden in plain sight, and one on the logo*

The people demanded, and I delivered, Sonic 15 Years of Mistakes 2wo.
Twice the amount of skits, half the level of decency.

I apologize for no Scene Select, but issues with crappy 256mhz laptop with 512mb Ram, its a miricle I was able to make this flash anyway :S

Check my profile for information on the 3rd & final Part of the Sonic 15th Series

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Why in the heck is blue Knuckles in the screen?

RicStrife responds:

Oh god. That was my 'OC' Risc the Echidna....he doesn't exist anymore

I could never stop laughing at this XD

RicStrife responds:

Thanks haha I thought the laughing stopped years ago, glad it's still going. Maybe you should check out my newer stuff on Youtube too?

Is that blue echidna supposed to be you? Brilliant vid by the way

RicStrife responds:

Yeah, that was the 'OC' I used back then, not so much now.

i oved this flash expecisally the easter eggs but there re some quiestions i like to ask when i found the ester egg of knuckels what he was saying in his song and what is the song of the menu?/ by the way it was very funny 10000000/5

RicStrife responds:

I have a Jar of Dirt, it's a Pirate of the Caribbean parody song

Somewhat better than the first one. The Lumberjack is dead, Boo-Yah!

RicStrife responds:

Or is he.....