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FFP Bros

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Offline Mutliplayer Fighting Gayme.

1P controls (Red guy(Guy with Gun)
UP- Jump
RIGHT-move right
LEFT-move left
SPACE - Attack

2P controls (Blue guy(Guy with Sword)
HOME- Jump
Delete- move left
PGDN- move right
INSert- Attack

Controls are bad because I'm a shitty programmer.

Attacking the sides will kill you, because I just realized that the bullet is inside the red guy sharing the same instance name.

Note: Try not to hold the jump button while moving left or right, it only needs to be tapped to navigate in the air, it tends to screw up the movement. Shitty programming is shitty.

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this is really epic!!!!!! thx 4 sharing!!!!

A start!

Hey man everyone has to start somewhere. The music is awesome nice choice of songs but like other people were saying there is a lot to be done. I can't wait to see it when you learn more and fix it up.

BeefJuice responds:

I will learn from this and develop something greater.


the blue guy seems to not be affected by the bullets. the controls for each character are right on top of each other so it's hard for two people to play.

BeefJuice responds:

If you read the comment earlier, the bullet only does damage when the end of it hits, not when it comes out and flies, and I'm aware that it's a huge failure.


i think it could turn out into a smash bros game

BeefJuice responds:

You bet your ass it could.


I would say that it had potential if it was even close to finished...can't even call it a beta. 1 player doesn't work...fighting is buggy. My character was shooting the other player and he wasn't losing any health. Shooting the sides shouldn't kill you either. Try bring it back when it's close to being finished.

BeefJuice responds:

When you shoot, the end of the bullet hits them, not the whole pathway.