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Just update

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Too damn hard

I made it to number 7 all time on the leader boards so its not like I suck at the game but its just too damn hard, those silver tanks take too long to kill and it makes no sense that I can finish them off with by quad machine gun but not the regular tanks. Good game but just too damn hard. The guy below me left a good list for upgrades to level ten for anyone who is interested.

Good but buggy

This game is tough but buggy

I made it to lvl 14 but just couldnt take the 6 silver tanks down fast enough, what doesnt help at all is the bugged normal tanks that i cant finish off with the machine gun and have to waste a cannon shot on

also i got a triple cannon which just hits a wider range then for more

I suggest let the normal tanks die by machine gun and increase the dmg of the cannon since my triple machine gun does far more damage.

As for how to play this ignore 2x dmg, and i did upgrade machine gun, upgrade cannon, upgrade reload, upgrade machine gun, upgrade reload upgrade cannon, upgrade machine gun then you'll hit lvl 10 by now so your forced to spend all your points on +100 hp since those silver tanks are tough as nails :(

Another problem is that you need the quad machine gun to kill helicopters, double / triple machine gun cant "finish" it off.

All weapons can hurt but cant deal the killing blow.

Actaully i would say upgrade machine gun twice, upgrade cannon upgrade machine gun, upgrade reload, upgrade machine gun, upgrade reload x2 / 3 until your forced to heal since the sivler tanks are TOUGH!

Good luck ^^

and please fix these immortal helicopters/ tanks :p also down grade the silver tanks a bit about -20% hp should make this game more doable

Also i got 3rd with 23k score :P \o/ i think the top2 were beta testers aka you or one of ur friends

really good

nice idea about the gun and the cannon. the upgrades are nice and simple too, uses just the right ones.
I spent ages playing this game. time well spent.

That was fun.

Total armageddon!

That was a lot of fun! I made it to level 11 on my first try. It kinda looks like a game where you know you are eventually going to loose.

I would like to see more money in the game so I can get the high powered stuff. Level 11 was tense, and I kinda gave up when 4 silver tanks came right to my front door.

I think when a player is using the gun the cannon gauge should be visible as well so we know when to choose between gun and cannon.

Good game despite the minor grievences.

Good Game!

I love the noise and slight delay of the main cannon. It makes it feel like a real cannon. Past level 10 or so, I had some noticeable slowdowns occurring. I have higher end Athlon64 machine, so I would hate to know what it feels like on older machines. I'm not sure if this is a glitch, but I was not able to shoot down helicopters in later levels. I could damage them though. Other than maybe some music selections and more powerups, this feels like a pretty polished game. One more idea is to throw in some foot soldiers on the lower levels. It would be great to mow them down with the secondary gun and see little blood splatters. But, this was an easy 4/5 game. I was almost tempted to give it a 5/5, but maybe for the next iteration of this. :) Good job!

Credits & Info

4.22 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2008
11:40 PM EDT