Thing-Thing 4

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The next chapter in the Thing-Thing saga!

For those of you having lag issues, you can change the graphics quality in the pause/options menu.


This game is buggy. I remember when it was not like this. Why is it like this now?

Omg, ech a hard speed, 5.k


I gotta be honest, its been a good couple of years since the Thing Thing Series was around, Being that Arena Pro was the last game that was made for it before it went in a all so suddenly, Hiatus.

This is one of the games I still enjoy playing on Newgrounds, Along with the third game. I loved the customization that the creators gave you, The violence ((Which was amazing at the time)) Was over the top. And the story was great.
!!!!!Spoilers for an almost 10 year old game!!!!

Fortunately, TT4 Ends our characters or Project 154 off with a bang, When Killing hades, Project 154 heads into another area, Leading into a room filled with screens all over, We then find out that the CEO was not there at all. As the screens project what he was doing all along. HE then tells us why project 154 was created in the first place. The next thing 154 learns is that he is at least the most powerful bio-weapon created on earth.
Some of the screens turn off, And one screen is still turned on. The CEO Bids a final farewell to 154. As he dispatches too much of an army to kill him.

This is the part where we could, A. Give up, Leave the tab open. and let 154 die. Only to get the ending you will get anyway, Or B. Kill em all, And survive for as long as you can.

---Kinda think of it as the old Survival modes in the other thing thing games, Including Arena. ----

As 154 gets overwhelmed, We then see that 154 drops his gun, And from our prospective, It just says gameover real quick, Before going into another screen, Seeing the bio logo in the background.

Soon, Another text box comes up on the screen.
We soon find out, 154 was supposed to be sold to other retailers ((My guess..)) We also find out that the 154 cleared out his data files, Thus clearing out his name in the corps, So he ends up asking for the other armed forces to grab his corpse, to refine the genetic splicing process.
we also find out that the CEO wanted 154 to be stable enough not to hurt them.


My honest thoughts? Four ended pretty much okayish.. I would've preferred to have two endings. Keep the ending we already have. And have one where the game is extended into an overtime thing, Where we go after the CEO again. But we are weaker. As it gets harder. But the ending is our characters killing him off, Ending in a cliffhanger.

Overall, The game is a 5 from me. Due to the nostalgia after finding the series this week, I have been playing through the games all the way. One sitting mind you. I honestly remember when these games were new, And I could never finish them, Cause as the certain age point I was at, I was not great at these types of games.

Its bad enough Crazy Monkey Games hasn't had a game since 2013. And the forums for Diseased Productions have been taken down for good. Though I would love to see if the community is still out there.

If you look at my profile picture by the way, You can see my old character from when the game first came out.

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"Nothing will stop me" (proceeds to glitch out of map)

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I really like the Thing Thing series, but its best to be played here on Newgrounds, anyways, i would appreciate if all those lags could be fixed, like being glitched out of the map for no reason at all! i was just picking up the gun and POOF! i fall outside, but still ALIVE! , for the love of the game and its awesome story i gave it 2 and a HALF of stars, cause this is like... one of the most UNEXPECTED areas where glitches are too much, i even lowered the quality to the lowest, still occuring in an annoying rate that wont let me progress, i understand that the game is awesome, IT IS, but the glitches, or BUGS arent, i still love the game, its story and even the arena, but, in conclusion, these bugs need to be fixed to keep the game living and awesome, Thanks for reading this review.. if you did, lol :P

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Apr 3, 2008
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