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Multi-Pong UPDATED!

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Author Comments

The update of my pong-clone with four players. This version features sounds, better graphics, and a rewritten scoring system. Please comment about what I've forgotten and what could be done better.

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Lol jk but anyway nice game. Only played it twice but it was pretty good.

got boring fast

I played your first pong and now this one and i dont really like the updates you made, It has potential to be a great game you just need the ideas to get this to a top game.
I'll throw some quick ideas at you

ok 1st lvl 4 players 2nd lvl 4 players 3 lvl 4 players *yawn* getting boring....
instead of that y dont you do somthing like

1st lvl 2 players 2nd lvl 3 players in a triangle, 3rd lvl 4 players, you could go all the way to an octogan with 8 players...wayyyyy fun...make the ball get smaller as the lvls go on same with the paddles....youd need to make the stage larger tho for more players but THAT would be alot more fun.

another idea...instead of just bouncing it to each other...y not have some lvls with different shaped walls in the middle of the arena? that would spice things up a bit!!!

and finally give us a choice of music 3 diff songs and a mute button would really make this game alot better.

hope you take some of these ideas on board!!! :)

Not bad, but could use a bit of work.

The four-player bit is good, but the sound can get a bit annoying overtime and there is no pause button. Considering the size of the game, I say that you could add a bit more. Here's what I suggest:

-Powerups to be purchased at the end of each level with points you earn from scored on/scored against (100 points for getting a goal, -25 points for getting scored on). You can still use the score counter to see who your competition is and how far you want to go.
-Music. Considering that this is a pong game, try putting in a bit of trance, techno, dance, and video game music. It'll spice up the game quite a bit! :)
-More levels and gameplay traps. For traps, I suggest multiple balls, sphere in the center of the arena that deflects balls, goal catcher (prevents balls from getting in the goal), etc. It'd be cool.
-Boss levels. It'd be interesting to go up against an opponent or three who have bigger or faster paddles, that can catch a ball and fire it where they see it, and so on.
-Level selector. This allows the player to replay any level they like. :)

Aside from that, it's a good game. :)

Kuzmin responds:

Music part sounds really good, power ups wouldn't be hard to add

Point part sounds interesting too

Boss levels could be easily fixed :D

Very nice

I have never played Pong like that. Nicely done!


There's only two levels! what is wrong with you?!

Kuzmin responds:

I actually played through two levels right now, and there was one more.
Or what do you mean?

Credits & Info

5.00 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2008
1:53 PM EDT