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Journey to the west (Xi yu ji/ Saiyuki)
The Adventures of the Monkey King
toggle flash quality to Medium if it plays jerky.
ALSO: This is based on the book, not the animes.
Before you get cannonic regarding who they are know
their names:
Monkey/ sun wu kung/ son Goku
Sandy/Sandmonk/ Wu jin
Pigsy/ Tzuba Jie/ Wu Jie
Trippitaka/ Sanzou/ (see the end credits where you can acsess mroe information
on them, yes I did a menu with who they areI recommend reading the lomng version of the book and watching Chinese Opera)

All voices , me, music, from the show Monkey Majic and from the theme of Once uppon a time in China, also used in Drunken Master
this schore was also used in Drunken master and a bunch of other movies but i loved it so i put it here.
Also I wanted to put some teachings of Buddha in here
Cheers and enjoy!!
I was inspired by the chinese opera, martial arts epics and the monkey magic show starring Masaki

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My Opionion

This is so funny. There is the theme song of the movie Wong Fei Hung.


lol he got dirt in his eyelol
more importantly it was good but could be better

Imp-beast responds:

You are right :D , If I had time i'd remake it and do a series, I always think I can do better and I should, but moe importanly, i had fun doing it :) its an old flash that I had to post as evidence due to an art thief, but if I am up to it I will doa better one with art even more faithful to the classic, I may post other projects... there arent enough hours in the day :( I may do a mini clip with them in it this year


yeah, the animation looks good, but. the fighting scene.. kinda awkward.

you are using same frame twice or three times. (in many scenes, it's boring)
it's like I watched the old movie about journey to the West when I was child.. (that means, this animation looks old for me)

about when goku running because of the earth splitting, it's like he is only walking.
pat kay's (the pig) weapon is sharp right? (look, you just draw lines)

but, good job! :)

Imp-beast responds:

Thanks for the review. :) This movie is very old but I really have no excuse. :) I did get it the way
I wanted it, tho I wished I could have added more moves in it. Maybe next time I can have some help with the movie projects and just focus on better animation :D
thanks again for your honesty. It helps me improve.


Love the art work
the vid played fine for me
but the sound is what you need to work on
was that a goku and Vegeta fight or a Goku and Piccolo

Imp-beast responds:

well Toriyama based Vegeta and Piccolo on one character i think
and they both were Erh lang the general of heaven who actualy in the book
fought Monkey for more than 300 rounds before they put the head ache sutra on his head for having crashed into heaven, Piccolo's counterpart is supposedly the heavenly king I could be wrong :D yah the audio was a pain to do, I tried getting voice actors but no one helped so this took longer to do all on my own lol
thanks ey!

Nice work

Great illustrations, nice sense of action.

Animation played smoothly for me. For those for whom it doesn't, I'd recommend setting the Flash quality to "medium".

Two little niggles for me were the "earth splitting" animation (bits of flying sod, etc. would've made the effect more convincing) and the note in the intro about the old TV show being called "Monkey Magic". The English title was just "Monkey". Everyone just thinks it was called "Monkey Magic" because of the opening theme song.

Really slick Flash though. Nicely done!

Imp-beast responds:

Thank you very much that really cheered me up , and you are correct
I get that mixed up with teh Godeigo song, nice tid bit is that the guy who plays Goku in the old show went on to play rock and later started his own business.
I think it was a record label.

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3.56 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2008
3:51 AM EDT
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