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Romeo and Juliet in Song

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Youtube link (Audio Credits are Here):
http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=pDym3Igy4yY
If you've read Romeo and Juliet (preferable recently), then you're actually going to UNDERSTAND this!
If you haven't, feel free to pretend you understand what's going on in this crazy flash!
Also, a few fun facts:
I made this movie from 4 Pm to 3 Am (Not nonstop) one day, and it's a whole 3590 frames (150 seconds)!

Oh, I guess only one fun fact...
Anyways, I made this for a school event. It's Romeo and Juliet summarized by bits of songs sung by characters in the play. Everyone liked it, to my semi-surprise. The rest is history!
This isn't really one of my better movies. In fact, I took out the Slick Productions out of it completely!
So please vote fairly. I think this is a good movie if you've read Romeo and Juliet, so if you haven't, try to vote up JUST a little... then read/watch the book/movie (Feel free to mix and match those choices) and maybe things'll be a bit more clear?
Have I already said too much? I usually do that.... >_>
Enjoy the movie!

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Yesterday I listened to a comedian who was reading Jomeo and Ruliet (the whole thing had all of the letters swtitched around). It was hysterical. This was really good, although the animation and graphics could have been better. Good work!

Slick-Productions responds:

Glad you liked it! Personally, if I was gonna change the title, I'd probably go with Rom-EMO and Julie-PREP, but Jomeo and Ruliet sounds funny too :P

Pretty fun.

The whole concept was nice and was pretty fun. I read the book last year, and it was a pretty good read. Your animation was alright, it could use some improvements, and one thing I enjoyed is how you created your own TV fuzz -- that was a plus.

Besides it all, I really enjoyed it and keep up the work. Maybe brush up on your replay and menu type of buttons though with the titles. I guess the sloppy look is what you were aiming for though.

Ah, kudos !

Slick-Productions responds:

Hey Rudy! Good to see ya again! And yea, the animation coulda used some work. I WAS kinda goin for the sloppy look, but maybe it coulda been improved more. Glad you liked the fuzz! It was really a bunch of brush sguiggles and a few dots :P
Btw, You gotta enter my brawl codeeee! :3

Animation wasn't great, but the concept!!

I am a HUGE Shakespeare buff. I've read many of his plays and just seeing this immediately attracted my ADD induced mind.

OK, as you did mention, you did not do great on the animation, but being that I understand R&J thoroughlly I had a great laugh a many parts of the movie. I love the concept of bringing different parts of music, from many different genres and ages all together and fit it in as perfectly as you did. Of course, there were added laughs to the songs I knew, which I would have never thought to be connected to R&J.

What I'm trying to say here is, I loved it. It's pretty damn original, and it brings one of my favorite authors (ok, playwright) into the mix. If you ever get a chance to do something else like this, you really should, but make sure to put your full into it, then it'll be a smash hit.


Slick-Productions responds:

Thanks for enjoying it so much! I'm really glad you liked the whole different genre thing. I didn't even notice it! I just wanted the most suitable songs or whatever was in my playlist (NOT Barney <_<) at the time.
And yea, if I do this again, I'm gonna get with it more than a day before the deadline. For some reason, I was really caught up about doing this movie, but then I was urged to, so I did. :P


if i ever need to read romeo and juliet now i wont, maybe.creative and funny and also has emos what more could you want.

Slick-Productions responds:

Hmm... well, maybe if you need to read Romeo and Juliet... Wikipedia has a GREAT summary of it! xD
And I'm glad you enjoyed the emos! But let's say Mercutio was a ninja? Or Prince Escalot was Tony Blair for some reason! Now THAT's entertainment! :P

Very Creative

Very creative, nice work!

Slick-Productions responds:

Thank you!