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"Pass The Axe" Collab

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Author Comments

Hey, ever played catch with an axe?

We put a lot of work into making this. This collab was made on the second of February and ended on the First of April...That was 2 months straight of work and we came out with this.

Before you watch just remember we put a lot of work into this and it was a long process but in the end, its all worth it.

List of Contributions:

Sexual-Clarinet (Ran Collab...AUTO-CO)
DrBeach (2 Parts)
Mercenary81 (1 Part +Intro)
Noxx11 (1 Part)
Argentin (4 Parts + 2 Extra's)
xToxicxEmpire (1 part + Menu)
IaMI2002 (1 Part)
djbdr248 (1 Mega Long Part + 5 Animated Gifs)
MysticMonkey2 (2 Parts + Extra)
EvilPacMan (1 Part)
Show-R-Studios (1 Part)
AlmightyLemon (1 Part)


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Eh. It was a pretty good colab. But it could had used some work...

Well, for starters, you guys could improve on the animation. It doesn't matter on how much detail you put into something, it only matters if you actually have it make sense in the movement of the object though...

You could had been a bit better with the coding of the animation/audio. Like when I play "Menu", it simply replays the whole thing... Not to the menu... And that the sound of the song was STILL playing... I mean, come on. You could at least apply the song to 'Stream' so then it goes with the frames, rather than playing and messing up your whole replaying experience, then having to refresh the whole thing...

Like I said. I don't care how much detail you put into it, nor if the visuals aren't the best that you can do. Most likely, you were all timed with a short amount, and only half of you came up with something decent... Just at least have the objects in the animation make sense in movement!!


fuck yeah!! Lotus


I loled so hard when i saw that maple story tree mob with the axe on the head wahha, old times!


Much clown love!

nice :)

I like the music... the song sounds like ICP with a few others