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One day Tyguy1712 suggested that I make a FBF animation, this is the result.

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. . .

Um. . . It was okay, not really long enough. Awesome song though!!!!!!!!!!!

Gorefest5 responds:

Thanks, yea it wasn't really a super long project.


the vid was alright but the gay my chemical romance music in the background, god, makes me want to puke and kill myself, all the gay kids are like they're such a good band but u know that the singer said and I quote" we are a direct product of 9/11" so I mean if u support gay attacks on the country and gay music with the gayest sounding music ever that really isn't music but just belchings of crap about George w bush and how society sucks and how the government lies then watch this flash. the flash had a few probs though, the smoke can just appeared and I think the little guys should have more than just pistols, like have one with a flamethrower that gets the fuel tank shot so it blows up, and that would be pretty cool.

Gorefest5 responds:

Wow dude, you take music choice WAY to seriously, COME ON. But the flame thrower idea is pretty cool.


the animation was okay. for a fbf it was pretty decent.
the plot had little or no thought put into it. the choice of music was absolutely wrong. the way the smoke grenade entered into the scene needs work too because right now it looks like it just teleports into mid air.

Gorefest5 responds:

Well you can't please all the people all the time. Thanks for the review though.


Loved the music!

"Dead" by My Chemical Romance, incase any1 wants to know

I loved that song off of Guitar Hero II

Gorefest5 responds:

Heck yea, i love that song, thanks for reviewing.

aww he died

its not madness but better then i could do. nice job you made the flash very smooth not choppy like most that ive seen

Gorefest5 responds:


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2.92 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2008
8:51 PM EDT
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