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Ambient Parade

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Make sure you play through the tutorial before starting the game. The concept is pretty unique as far as I know, so it could be confusing at first.

Let me know what you think =).

Basic Instructions:

- Press z (default) to hit the coloured targets when you are over them.

- Hit multiple targets of the same colour in a row to increase your combo for big scores.

- Don't miss any targets or you will lose points and your grade will suffer.

- Press x to perform a boost, to hit multiple targets quickly, or to avoid a tricky situation.

- Avoid the hazards and try to get a high score.

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The game is GREAT, but some things could be added:

1. Like some people said, a sideways dash would be great.
2. Also, like some other people said, maybe hit the target just by going over it.
3. A level select would be great. Then we can unlock/choose levels, and then choose the levels we want.
4. Some more effects could be added, like a music-themed background,(When ever a note plays, add a water-droplet effect or something like that, themed on what the music sounds like), etc.

Great things about your game too:

1. The thingy where it moves over exactly a certain amount like a real classic game, but with a nice shooter like feel to it.
2. Music. Great music.
3. Levels. Theres a good amount of levels to play at.

GOOD graphics
AWESOME gameplay
EPIC music
Good lasting appeal

9/10 EXCELLENT game!

Gotta say... It's awsome!

I love the game, even if I keep losing a life on that same laser combination over and over... It takes a few tries to get the feel as to when hit properly the button, and I tried to collect, let's say, only blue to see if that was a possible way to increase your score tremendously - and no, collecting all colors seems like the best approach, so good job balancing there.

It's true lives drop down quickly, and it is very frustrating if you lose them on the same pattern of traps... so a "practice mode would surely be appreciated. I noticed you gain more lives as you increase your score/change level, and that was great.

loved the music, so congrats to you for choosing it and especially the artist for creating it, nice job.

I would like to know perhaps how many levels there are, so to give me an idea of the possible high score, and for sure this is in my favorites. Good job.

alillm-com responds:

There are 8 levels in total. I haven't even completed them all myself in one run, although it's definitely possible if you're good.

Thanks for the feedback =).

Thank you for using my music

Now suggestions time!

The main flaw in this game is that you lose lives so fast, it makes the game not fun to just keep restarting. Now I'm not saying make it easier or anything. Perhaps you could just double the number of lives in this game? It lacks that

Secondly, pressing Z every time you touch one of those mines or whatever they are, doesn't always work. Okay, maybe pressing Z is a good idea but you should make it so that it's instant instead of being directly on top of it to make it work. If that is too hard to input.. then perhaps just make it so that you don't have to press Z at all and only touch it? I love the boost idea, idiots who don't want for the screen to move further down would use that to smash into a wall, lovely. Don't alter the boost, it's awesome. Perhaps you could make it so that there is a sideways boost as well? It wouldn't give too much advantage in movement but, there are some juicy looking horizontal lines sometimes which I can't take out due to that Z button problem. Fix those two problems and the game will be much better. I vote 5 for you.

alillm-com responds:

Hey Arnas, Thank YOU for making the music =) it's great!

A few people have mentioned the lives. It is a hard game, and I wanted it to be that way as a challenge to try and complete it. You do get an extra life after each level, so if you try to get through the first couple of levels without losing a life, then you will be in a better position to try and complete it.

The z key problem completely baffles me. I had the same problem, but I thought it was just my keyboard (which is always getting stuck). The code is set up so as long as the "target locked" graphic is showing, you can destroy the target. The lack of response sometimes is really strange.

loved it

love this game! good job!

Requires a little skill

So the only things I could see being better is a little more responsive controls and a sideways dash. Otherwise this would be an awsome game.

alillm-com responds:

Yea, sideways dash was something I considered, and perhaps I should have just done it, but I was worried about making the controls too complex for a game which people aren't familiar with. Maybe if there is a sequel it will have sideways dashing =).