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A Thousand Frames

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EDIT: WOW! First flash to be above 3/5 on day 1. Thanks guys!!!!
Extra notes: Just watched it to make sure... Just so you all know, there's no lag... I'm so proud :D
Edit: Aww... Someone took the name "1000 Frames" already... I don't feel original anymore :P
(Note: It's only 1000 frames at 20 fps, so you might as well just sit through a minute of animation before judging yeah? In addition, I like reviews... a lot :D)
Alright... I started making this halfway through making Flash Ads 2 as I get a tad bored... Was only working on it on and off until today, where i did the majority of it (including separating it from the Flash Ads 2, ~700 frames, adding music, etc). I realize it may move a little fast, but it's just because I'm not *that* experienced with frame by frame animation... yet :D
It's pretty random, but I'll go through a rough outline of what happens, so your not Totally lost.
You start out with a landscape, which blurs into colors, which becomes some ocean/mountain landscape.
You fly through a vortex of confusion and weirdness, and drive through the road with 1 end (heh... made up that name just then), where you are send flying over a forest.
You land in the river, where you watch a fish aggravate a shark. A scuba diver gets eaten. Awesome.
The shark then targets you, but instead of eating you, propels you all the way to space somehow, and stuff happens.

That's pretty much all, so I'll just list a few techniques I tried to include in this piece, for those who are interested...
frame by frame
HUGE movement
rotating perspective
slow-motion just before impacts
color blending/changing without shape tweens (i.e. tweaking RRGGBB)
semi-3D things
blurry movement
general physics (i.e. bubbles floating)

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weird in a good way.

i felt like the video had no point. and it doesnt, but its still kick-ass


Good and quite better/different than it's sequel.

I really liked the artsy type graphics in this movie, they seemed to flow alot better. And the techniques you used were quite the bit more inpressive too.

The music kept stopping for me, this may have been my machine but it was quite off putting, but from what I heard the qudio track was well picked, suited the movie completely. Great choice.

Overall a great frame by frame, well deserving of it's score :D

=Review Request Club=

blackcat2000 responds:

Hmm... It all started with me trying to blur some scenery... And as for the music, I haven't encountered that problem... maybe it's lagging slightly?
Thanks for the review :D


Another nice experimental piece of flash! Good graphics, good movement, good everything, it all flows together nicely, keep it going!


blackcat2000 responds:

It's probably my first attempt at experimenting where I actually try to make a good piece of work meanwhile, so I'm glad 'ja liked it. Thanks for the review!


I like these kinds of animations, and this one in my opinion was cool, i liked the whole splurging of colours, not just black and white. Also i lvoed the whole stop start thing it had going and the fast pace.

Graphically the doodles and things were cool, nicely done and some looked better than others but they were all pretty good. the animtion was smooth throughout as well.
Nice music behind the whole thing too. Went well with the speed of the falsh.

Overall this was cool, make more and keep up the good work!

[Review Request Club]

blackcat2000 responds:

Glad to know you liked it! Heh... the speed of the flash was very fast, I admit. If the music fitted the speed, I'm happy :P
Thanks for the review! :D


I personally thought this one was better then the other. The animation was great, it seemed to flow together with the song very well. I also thought the use of colors in this flash was great. The song you used was good, but I have the same problem with the other one when it comes to length. You should have either made more frames to last through the whole song, or you should have found another good song to put this animation with. Other than the length this was another good flash. Keep it up!

{Review Request Club}

blackcat2000 responds:

Total luck that I chose this song ;)
Just searched in my iTunes for a loop, then took it. The only problem I would have is making it exactly 1000 frames, as I wouldn't want to lie would I? Thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

4.04 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2008
9:57 AM EDT

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