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The Origin of Sonic

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If you have trouble with the movie slowing down badly then please right click, select Quality and chose medium or low, this will fix the slow down and may fix lip syncing in places, it may make it worse though!


This movie contains no violence or humor what so ever, I didn't write the script it's basically copied right from the comic, I only made a few changes here and there. So don't blame me if it's boring!
This movie is my first attempt at solo voice acting, I've never done that or lip-syncing before so my apologies if it's not so great. and to make things worse the syncing gets worse when played in a browser for some reason... (sigh)

This movie is basically an animated version of an issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics sold in The United Kingdom during the mid 1990's.
The issue in question was Issue #8 and was called "Origin of Sonic" in which there is a flash back of sorts, this is the part I have chosen to animate!

This took 3 days to make, so please enjoy it.

Music is from 'Project Chaos' of OCRemix.com.

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dr robitnik+bad moldy egg=dr eggman


A "sonic Comic Version" of how sonic came to be, Nice, (Now just do Silver's a Shadows origin and i'll be set!
9/10 (for the quick swear word,but it's more like 9.8)


ridicules but good


ive got this issue of STC! i recon this is the true origin of sonic.... not like in the archie comics when hes just... blue... thats boring.... Anyway its probly coz im British but i fond this origin story Awesome!!!

so not true.

I have da real story! i will tell u a little bit, on how sonic realyy became blue: y'know how in the comics, sonic lives on mobius? well, the animals there are all different coulers, whereas on earth, our animals are all one coulor, and different coulers depending on the species. so sonic's family were all blue!.. well him mum and dad anyway! still, good movie.

ps: i will tell da whole story lata!