Hebi 2

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The little snake is back but in a whole new environment! Now it has to travel through 25 characteristic levels with both good and bad powerups, depending on the situation the snake is in.

Hopefully you'll like this one a lot more than the first one. Comment it with suggestions and there might be a third in the future.
Have fun and don't forget to check my site for my previous games! www.w3b-rekcah.com



This game is simply awesome! A bit too hard for my tastes, but the level design is good, the music fits perfectly, and the concept is amazing. You executed it well, and the game is awesome because of it. Why the name though?

rrx88 responds:

The reason for the name:
Hebi = Snake in Japanese :P


I actually really liked this game, and I liked how it was pretty hard, and you had to be a bit more careful!

Dissapointingly Annoying

Although the dynamics and system were great, the level design and powerup system were both greatly more annoying than fun. More open and larger levels with fewer powerups would be awesome! Maybe a pacman sort of mode where its essentially a pacman clone with this games system :-D that would make front page imo. More space to move is needed for this game to be fun, but good idea man.

rrx88 responds:

Okay. I guess I forgot that I've played it way more than anyone else and therefor should've made it easier. That's a not for the sequel :P


This game is really great. The new take on 'snake' is exactly the kind of innovation we need more of.

More varied powerup icons might be nice, the varations of arrows kind of lended a additional drabness to the monochromatic levels.

The music loops (in the blue stages at least, I didn't play any farther than that) got really bothersome to me. Both because of content and the audible 'song is over' pause before it started right back up again.

Overall definitely worthwhile.

rrx88 responds:

Great comment! I'll try to work more on the "seemlessness" of the music with the next game. (I yeah, the blue stage has the worst music. But you gotta try the green and black stage 'cause I'm really proud of the music there :P)
Once again, good comment!


This is actually a pretty fun game pretty challenging too but a quick game with unique controls Good Job ^_^

rrx88 responds:


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3.43 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2008
3:30 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other