Taking Flight 2

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Completed as a project for my computer graphics class and an entrant into the art show. The original one won first place in last year's, so i have high hopes for this one.


Very enjoyable.

I really enjoy this piece of work. It's well animated and the music really suits it, no matter what some say, (what is the music btw? :-) ). I hope you decide to make more and continue the series.


well, it's good, but I think the shadow (when the boy fell) it's.. not accurate. t
he sunshine will always from above, that means there will be no chance the boy same with the sun and the shadow was right behind him in one line. (look at it, you will notice what I mean)

Very nice

It looked splendid, the only small thing of annoyance where some of the low res sky backgrounds.

Keep up the good work, I hope you win!

Nice Movie But...

Dude this movie was nice, good Graphic, and i loved the Worm :D
But...Omg This music was so annoying, Why did u choose that music? Its the only think what disturbed the nice Movie.

but, Gj 8/10 i will give u a 5/5 :)

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Personally i love the music, but to each his own.

:) wow

i really dont like this type of movies but this, wow, i coulnt expect more

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I'm glad i impress.

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3.58 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2008
3:02 PM EDT
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