The Hanging Collab

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Welcome to the Hanging Collab! I had a great time making this collab--my first collab. After a rough start (not being able to get anyone to join), this collab became, IMO, a great Flash.

The idea of this collab is to leave you hanging. For example, "part A-1" is a man walking down the street and a bomb lands nearby. "Part A-2" is the bomb exploding. However, between parts A-1 and A-2 is B-1, which is something else entirely. You will be left hanging several times throughout this movie.

I liked working with the people who joined--especially Trekopep, who was the first to join (who actually followed through and made a part). Also, he ended up making 3 parts--overall he was just a really good collaborator. All the rest of them were great helps as well, thanks guys!

Those who participated this collab are: Trekopep, Ryan094, MrGlad, MorrowDays, Shoq, Aaf, and myself, ShirkDeio. Greth-of-Chaos and FlashFrog made parts that were ultimately cut from this collab--but I thank them for trying and helping the collab get finished.

Please vote, please review! Any encouraging reviews or critical reviews (constructive, of course) would be gladly welcomed. And I reply to every review I get (look at my profile--as far as I know, I've replied to them ALL!!)

The participants in this collab had some comments on the collab:

Trekopep says:
"At first I was like, "Yeah, I really can't think of anything to do, so I'll try to find a different collab." But then Shirk PMd me, and I was like, "Whoa! Someone actually CONTACTED ME to try and get me into a COLLAB?" It rarely happens, folks. I normally think of myself as a run-of-the-mill animator. But hey, I work hard, and I think the results are quite satisfying. I hope you like the Hanging Collab! (BTW, check out my other stuff if you're interested. I respond to all reviews!)"

Ryan094 says:
"KABOOM! Thats the sound of the SUCCESS this collab has had. Its great. And guess what... I was in it. My 1st as well"

Thanks for watching!

To God's glory,


Note: Thanks, Trekopep, for helping fix the sound issue!

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5/5 10/10


I was going to give it 10 but its just the name...Why is it called hanging collab when No one gets hanged.Except the one that TRIED to hang himself

I love it

The bomb one was epic.

I thought naw hanging is not funny

but it was not really that i loved it it have such nice humor great job! I hope you will make a part 2!

What the hell.

Funny as hell x'D

ShirkDeio responds:

Thanks, though the funniness of hell is somewhat debatable.

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Mar 29, 2008
10:16 PM EDT
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