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I always thought the funnest part about asteroids was seeing how fast I could get going. Now you can do that and not worry about the big rocks... well until your shields are on empty. This game is just a small test for us to get use to building online games. Hopefully it's fun and hopefully you'll see bigger and better games from us in the near future.

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I like the game but......

but i got bord on level 5 because it was just the same old thing over and over again but i did like the different upgrades but i think you should put a little bite more like some aliens that fight back or some thing but at the end it still was a little fun

Nice title screen! [710]

Really enjoyable, if simple, game too.... I liked the graphical touches that set it apart from other Asteroids games. From the ship itself being a little more detailed than usual.... to the little PaintShopPro-ish "spray paint tool" ion gas clouds (I guess....) thrusting out from the ship's engines.... and especially the nifty effect when you either break up a bit asteroid into chunks or destroy the final, smallest pieces... really nice little "poof."

My own criticism, in fact, would be that your ship has way too much of everything... if it's going to have as effective a gun (I mean, it can not only go off screen and come back on from the connecting point... but the bullets/whatever pretty much can reach back to the ship itself... PLUS the powerups are godly... I got a 8-shot in level 2, and twice in level 3 a 360 degree 1-time clear-out thingie... and then in level 4 or 5 a really nifty "wave beam" a la Metroid)....... then surely either the thrust/turning should be a bit slower so you can't get out of the way or blast your way out of ANY situation.... or else you should die on one hit, just like in the original Asteroids. I mean, great firepower + decent maneuvering ability + shields/armour.... = way too easy!

But fun, nevertheless.

cool but...

cool but is that all?

It was a good game.

its just as soon as you got to full speed you could not stop. You music was great as well as your graphics the accual game play, in my opinion, was lame. You might be better off making flash movies.

pretty cool

i know its just a small test, and for a small test id say its pretty cool. I think that maybe u should've had some more upbeat maybe techno-ish background music, also i really liked your power-ups, but if you had more power-ups more often and maybe a few more enemies with faster gameplay, i probably would have given this a ten.

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4.00 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2008
10:13 PM EDT
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