Padded Symphony.

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Author Comments

Simmer down.

I make one hell of a lot of sense.



Watch and enjoy.

O.o Does it need to be longer..?

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So here's the culprit! ;D

Thank you so very much for using my song. It does fit it well.
Please do use more! :D

Dizzzymushroom responds:


I might have to. (:

Hmm... Very good...

I felt that it seemed jumpy at times... possibly transitions would help.. It's an overall excellent job.. I enjoyed the panning.. that brought out a new feel from just stuck cameras...

I noticed at times that the lighting seemed to go in and out.. i didn't know if that was supposed to happen, or if it was just s fluke thing...

all-in-all... EXCELLENT!!!

Dizzzymushroom responds:

Hehe, thank you!

The lighting... Yeah, that happens when the camera hasnt had time to ajust the aperture after my hand has been ajusting the clay :/

Random but almost Interesting.

I can't say I understood what was going on but the clay animation was an interesting concept that I liked. I couldn't figure out if there was a story or plot being show or if it all was just random actions. If there was a clear plot relating the fiqures together this would be a 10/10.

Dizzzymushroom responds:

If I knew what the story was, I could clear things up for you, but I don't so I cant.


I liked the stop-motion, very well done.

Dizzzymushroom responds:

(: Thankies muchly.


Very strange. I liked the wand fight. Im not really sure what was goin on here, but I was somehow amused.

Dizzzymushroom responds:

Haha, I think I feel the same way about this.

Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2008
3:01 PM EDT