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The Desert Obelisk

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Help the robot rabbit and inexplicably floating fish put eight random components into an oddly-corresponding obelisk in the middle of a desert! There's at least two ways to win, but there's only one ending.

This is my entry to the fifth Casual Gameplay Design Competition by Casual Gameplay, at www.jayisgames.com.

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A tale of a rab-bot and a hova-fish, eh? [699]

Fascinating storyline! Seriously, it was cute to read a little intro text setting up one of these styles of games. I've played the grow-cube games or whatever they're called, quite a few of them. Sometimes the "role" of each part of the whole makes itself clear immediately, other times it takes quite some time to figure out which things need to be "planted" earlier. But it's always fun to do it wrong, too, and just see what happens.

"This might brighten things up a bit!"

I love the purple viney bit best. That thing IS creepy, like one of them said. And yet... it yields a happy ending for our two strange creature-friends. Huzzah! Fun game for its kind, but I sometimes wish this genre was a bit less limiting, a bit more.... 3-dimensional. Adding things in, and having to get the right order is all good and well... but what if you had to choose WHERE to add things, or you could alter the "stage" itself, like it was a 9-square puzzle, you know the ones where one square is missing and you have to move the others around to get them lined up right? I dunno, I'd just like to see someone do something REALLY different with the genre someday. Someday.

I had fun with it.

You definitely captured the authentic Grow experience. I liked the added detail of also having little characters with personalities, and dividing the objects into sets of 4 that you alternated between.

Some tips for Grow newbies:
Keep a record of past attempts, to remember exactly what happened when you tried certain combinations. This helps a lot.
Each object can only grow so much.
Some objects need other objects to be present in order to grow past a certain stage.
To win, you have to get everything to its max growth level.

Using these helpful tricks, I managed to figure out a solution in only 5 attempts.

In case you're wondering, here's the solution:


1: Gear/Battery
2: Vines
3: Battery/Gear
4: Bowl
5: Antenna
6: Sprout
7: Chip
8: Sun

And that's the answer.

As for critiquing flash... well, it'd be nice if you showed all the level increases in sequence instead of all at once, so they're easier to keep track of. It would also be nice if you showed us the growth level of each item at the end, like the Grow games. I like the characters; you should use them some more. That's all that comes to mind.

nice game...

well good game, took me 2 trys but i got there... Is there gonna be a next part in their journey?

Nice, but...

I love these awesome little Grow-type games. However, they're all plagued by a deadly flaw: They make very little sense. I mean, what the heck?! Random plants sending water to things? Maybe I just have no common sense, but... it could be simpler. at least. And there could be little hints.


confusing...im not quite sure what to do...but still it was good

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4.51 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2008
2:23 PM EDT