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Objective: simply move the mouse within the boundaries and avoid everything that on-screen that moves.

I challenged myself to make this within 24-hours, and I still have 5 hours left for fixes if there are any :).

There are 4 modes and 4 difficulties to vary your challenge, beginners might want to start on Easy Normal mode.

This game was made in a very limited time, just about everything except the music was made by me (The music was made by DonWej, so check his stuff out!)

That's pretty much all there is to it, have fun and enjoy the game :)!

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I LOVE this game! Colour changes, music, different modes and difficulties... great work, man!


I loved it. I love doing Insane at Hyperspeed. So much fun. Love the music too. You get a 10/10!

Jindo responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the 10 :D!


It was fun but I found it easier at insane speed because the blocks where more spaced apart. The background changes got annoying for some reason.

Jindo responds:

Thanks for playing and reviewing :).

Just noticed...

I liked the game and for how long you took. It was pretty good I'd say. Wish I had mad skills to come up with something that clean within 24hrs. Also, thanks for cutting the first seconds of my song. I also thought that it should have began right where you started it up. I'd re-upload it, but well, it NG isn't letting me remove it anymore.


Jindo responds:

Haha glad you liked the game :).

I have a friend (ImperfectDisciple) who would normally do a quick theme for my games, but since he was on vacation (and the few remaining hours probably wouldn't have been enough time for him), I quickly browsed through the portal and found your awesome song ;P.

To be honest, I liked the entire length of the song, I just thought that the loop I cut suited the game on its own :).

Thanks for playing!

Only a few things to be improved on...

This game was the best cursor based game I have ever played!
But there were a few thing that I didn't like about it...
(1) The special cursors that you had to unlock were not of the best quality and didn't change the game.
(2) The music loop was too short, not to criticize DonWej, but you should have chosen a longer song.
(3) The walls that cause a game over were cool, but i felt that they were just annoying i thought.
(4) The collision detection was a little off, if you played hyperspeed on insane you could get to the point where all you need to do is move your cursor back and forth like mad and still live.
But still this was a great game and i congratulate you for making such an awesome game.

Jindo responds:

(1) The game was rushed, and someone requested custom cursors, so I just threw them in, if you don't like them you can play without a custom cursor :).

(2) Like I said I had 24 hours, the music was something I had to find towards the end, the original song is a good few minutes long, but I cut a loop to cutdown on filesize (plus I don't think people will survive the whole song more than once or twice, unless they play normal+eas)

(3) All of the walls cause game over, it's part of the game D;.

(4) Yeah I doubt I'll ever be able to fix this, the collision detection finds the mouse x and y coordinates, which is basically one pixel, if the walls are going that fast, the chances are they will go past the pixel and miss the cursor, though I can try and check the entire area of the cursor, that might annoy people and cause people to lose when their cursor is merely near a block.

Thanks for the constructive review and thanks for playing :)!

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4.49 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2008
5:55 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid