Ragnarok Online Acolytes

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You know, when you play Ragnarok Online for the first time, choose being an acolyte, it's the easiest job to take...
...That's it until you notice your strength SUCKS!

Now, in this flash, i made an obvious exaggeration to this fact, but the thing is, i was bored and thought of doing this thing. It is actually a tag in wich i had to made a flash of my favorite MMORPG.
Anyway, there is an easter egg hidden in this flash, you get internet points if you find it without pressing TAB.

And a mystery, porings are known to have 50 HP... <.< >.>
Reccomend this for the ragnarok online collection if you liked it.

PS: I did use a song of mine in this flash besides the Prontera Theme wich i did not make, my song is located in the easter egg, can you find it? ;)

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Heh Heh

nice animation need some mor ester eggs but a way to get out them. 10


I loved the easter egg! ^o^

Hehehehe only 1 damage then die again.

I made an acolyte too and i added str vit int and some dex,and i made it a priest damn...if i just made it into a monk ..>.<.it's was kinda boring too long to kill the marin.....where is the easter egg?

Mirak responds:

Try clicking the "o" in Ragnarok.

Black666 IS NOOB

U NOOB PURPLE JELLO DUDE IS AWSOM HE AUTO WINS ..l.. (who cares abaout ragnarock) purple dude is awsom tho sooooo heres 10


Dang, the girl aco couldve just used Blessing to increase STR,DEX and INT by 10 so we wudnt hav to stand that hour of watching em do the boring stuff...

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Mar 27, 2008
2:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody