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ShortShakespeare- Othello

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Author Comments

FULL TITLE: Shortened Shakespeare - Othello

Shakespeare's Othello, condensed into a mere 35 seconds.

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A decent movie, a great idea just needs to be polished.

Graphically it was quite good, but with a few errors that just seem to over shadow that fact. The main one being the turning animation, it just seemed to make the whole moving sequence seem a little rushed, same with the tween movements. Other than that I just liked it's simple style.

The sound on one hand was good, but on the other the worst feature. An excellent arrangement with the voice acting, was again over shadowed by a flaw, the recorded volume. The sound cracked with ear shattering effectiveness that kinda made me wish the movie was over faster.

The story was quite funny, loved how they all died very well scripted. Nice "awesome" style, but putting your own spin on things showed. Great job,

Overall a great movie. Just some bugs that need being sorted out,other than that a quite enjoyable experience altogether

=Review Request Club=

Timsplosion responds:

Yeh, this is probably one of my better animated flash, (Look at the stuff I made two years ago :P ) but yeh, with the turning animation, well, I'm kinda lazy like that, but hey, it's something to improve on.

Yeh, I kinda agree with that, cos at some parts it's the best sound quality I've ever gotten with a flash and my own mic, but the crackling does kinda suck. I'll have a go at trying to sort that out.

You know, I didn't really think of this as being the style of the "awesome" movies, mainly because that style's kinda like a parody of anime, and this is, well, my own sort of animating. But still the awesome style (when done well) is pretty awesome.

Thanks for the review.


The animations and graphics were alright although could be better. As you said the sound is still a little cracky and breathy in some areas.At least it was synched. Maybe it's becuase I don't study Shakespeare but I didn't really get it and neither will the majority of Newgrounds. A bit random if nothing else. However it was pretty good FBF-ing. 7 Stars.

[Review Request Club]

Hmm Okay

It didn't really make a whole lot of sense, I know I've read it and seen it because I had to at school, but I still don't get a whole lot of the plot, maybe it's just missing some of the more important details out. The graphics and animation aren't too bad, they could do with a bit of work in parts but mostly decent. As for the sound, it seems a little poor quality and the voice acting could do with a little more work.

On a whole, the idea might be nice but I don't really think it has come out in this too well, some more feeling in the voice acting and a few more details in the main story might actually improve this. I can get over some of the details in the animation and graphics though, lol, those aren't really as important as they are pretty much okay here.



= Review Request Club =

Timsplosion responds:

Well, not actually having read the play myself, and having decoded it from the Reduced Shakespeare Company's Othello rap, this was basically the story of it, and I thought it went pretty well, cos I've had one or two reviews saying how good the summary of the story is, so meh, you win some you lose some.

I don't really do these to let people base stuff of off, and I miss out all the subplots and characters that the story can function without, it's just a "cut-the-crap summary", for those who really can't be f#cked to read it and find out all the other stuff in it. Like me.

Well, thanks for the review. I'm still working on getting my animation better, so yeh, keep your eyes open for stuff I make in the future.

Pretty Good!

Ridiculously short but sums up Othello very well, i had to study this at school so i got a bit of a laugh out of this. Pretty good flash, i like how you sort of adapted the style for modern times, but maybe they should of used modern suicide methods :D

Graphically this was pretty cool, the people were drawn simply but effectively and the backrounds were alright, maybe add a bit more detail in some parts and you could make this better. The rough finish on the charaters was acceptable as well. The animation was pretty smooth throughout, i noticed u avoided showing peoples legs, to prevent the walking animation im guessing. ^_^
Pretty good graphics amd animation though.

The sound was alright, could be alot better though, the backround music was simple and classical and fit the flash pretty well overall. And i know you've heard this from about everyone but the voice acting needs work, dont put your mouth so close to the mic and you wont get that awful crackling noise when theres loud parts ^_^

Overall it was a pretty good short flash, sums up the story of Othello nicely and good style, music and animation. Maybe try this with some more of Shakespeares plays. Like Romeo and Juliet. ^_^

Graphics - 7
Animation - 7
Sound - 7

[Review Request Club]

Timsplosion responds:

Yeh, thanks for the comments. This is actually the fourth one of these I've done.

I've done Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, The Tempest, and Julius Caeser, I've already started putting Hamlet and King Lear together.


Tragically short, this piece does actually contain most of the actual plot of Othello, surprisingly.

I'd suggest that you stand slightly further back from the microphone, as you create a lot of static when you speak / voice act. It does take away from the quality of the flash a little. The animation quality is decent and I quite liked the cartoony graphics with their rough finish.

With most of Shakespeare's tragedies you can just dress the characters up differently, change the plot ever so slightly and Bob's your mother's brother, you've got the latest blockbuster play.

Try doing the same for one of his comedies.

[Review Request Club]

Timsplosion responds:

Yeh, actually, that standing back idea might work, just so long as I keep close enough to be heard. :P Thanks for the advice and compliments. :)