brawl or nothing part 1

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took me a while but i did it, i was gona continue, but i dont have the time sooooo, im gona cut it into parts.

credits are messed up, ill fix that later


totaly epic

i just started my account today and the more i watch on newgrounds the more people i find with awesome talent keep up the good work man again this flash was totaly epic.

I love this. also advice

This is just a really super great Flash animation. I love the intense action you just got a feel for. I tell you, you can spot a great animator, and you're definitely one of them. I like this one in particular because you did a nice job with the portal fun and the color change upgrades...

The thing is, I don't know why you don't get higher ratings. Your SHIT is GOOD.

Listen, I know it really drags on. I know. I have a ton of unfinished projects under my belt as well. They're all gone now, you understand. But you've got to sit down and finish more of your work. Half your work has "to be continued" at the end. This fight didn't look like it ended with that last punch, and you say right in the description "I'll fix the credits later." You gotta finish your work.

Also, I'd say get some new sound effects and maybe try and use less common music.

Aside from those issues, I have to say this and all your work deserve better scores than they have. And I'd also like to say don't stop animating. Would be a shame to lose talent and potential like you have.

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Love the idea of going like super sayain lol! Huge fan of yours Leo! Nice job.

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dis shez consists of Erthang!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfjazF HhG5g

That was epic!

Okay, that phrase has become a cliche, but what else can i say?

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3.77 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2008
4:24 PM EDT
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