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Animation For Beginners!

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Hello! In, this tutorial, you will learn about Frame By Frame, Sprite and Tweens. There is a sound problem when you click back, but don't worry about it! Sorry the file size is so big.I hope you like it, i spent a while putting a lot of detail into this. Hope you all like it!

P.S song 2 has swearing, and resubmitted coz apparently it wouldn't work anymore 0.o

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It's Okay

Yeah, not much detail. The walking was pretty bad, but still good enough to show people. It's good for beginners, but they might have some difficulty because the lack of explanation. Still good, so I give you 8/10 :D

thanks for the site

i like the sprites site, alot of useful stuff there, thanks

okay i guess

i dont think you should be making a tutorial becuase your a beginner yourself, (that walking aniamtion was just horrble)

learn more about aniamtiona dn flash and then make a tutorial.

chunkycheese12 responds:

Yeah, i was gonna smoothen up the walking animation but i completely forgot :(. This was made quite quickly, and i thought that my animation was 'good' enough for a tutorial.

Thank you

Very useful but the link in second tutorial did'nt work for m,e.

chunkycheese12 responds:

Really? It works for me. The link is here:
http://www.spriters-resource.com/nint endo/mario/rpg/mlpit/display.php?file =toad.png

And glad u found it useful


I'm okay with the motion tween knowlede and sprite deal if somebody's just starting out... but don't make a tutorial on frame by frame if you're not too great at it yourself. The tutorial for frame by frame didn't really explain how either, it just showed them bad examples.

chunkycheese12 responds:

Well, the FBF bit i DID try hard on, sorry it didn't really help much :(.