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The Patriot

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Hello everyone!

As you might know, my last movie were not very good, but i were glad that you liked it.
This one i have now, is a little more serious, then the last one.

I worked 3 months with this one, and as some of you know, i am not very good at Flash since i
have worked with flash for only... 3 months? lol.
So i hope you understand at what level i am, and about if you think this animation is crappy.
I got alot of help with this one, by some friends. =D you know who you are!

Please, before you press play, TURN UP YOUR VOLUME, otherwise you wont hear the characters talk.

Anyway, Enjoy!

Mr.P (Peatrit)

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Well, your movement's are pretty bad, you need to practice a little more :]
And the buildings scenes, the sun effect was wrong.
Well, you're not too far away to be good, just keep practicing.


I have to say it's way better than those ZeroSticks. I liked some of the effects like the camera flashes and the sun. But some things were just downright ugly.
Like the shot at the end could look a bit more realistic and do more damage on the guys head. All you see is like 8 red lines fly apart and the guy rotates over.
Also, he's holding an SVD (Dragunov) which when fires creates large recoil. Therefore when he shoots it, why does the gun stay put.
But it improved so i'll give you a 6/10 and 3/5 .


Quiet awesome for beining your first big work I must say! The only thing that I found a bit annoying was that the ending scene when the president got shot was a bit to short. Would be cooler if the shooting scene had been in slowmotion or something.

It rocks though!


Really good for a 2nd animation, I could tell what you were doing most of the time.
Although, it was quite choppy and some scenes could have been added and removed..
Either way, you did a good job, keep up the good work.


A good work from a good person :) Keep it up