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Dark Maze

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I made this kind of like a spur-of-the-moment type things. It's really dark and has an eerie effect. Thanks to all the random sites I got the individual mazes from. Also, I got sick of people saying they could cheat, so I just thought: Screw it! I'm not making an anti-cheat. Those who want to cheat can, and those who want to play it normally can too. So there. Hope you enjoy it! Finding the entrances and exits are part of the fun too. Oh yeah. I thought I might want to wish you all Happy Easter too.

EDIT: LOL guess what? Did you know that no masking was used in this game? I just used a HUGE ASS cursor to cover way more of the screen than I would need to.

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The game was pretty fun, pretty challenging, and very well put together, Great job on everything in here and thanks for useing my song ;)

Kwing responds:

What can I say? It's really good.

I enjoyed this

Once I read the description and then played the game it was all good. THe only slight frustration was on level three when I explored the whole board not realising I must have touched a wall somewhere. Maybe I should have cheated... but then I CHOSE not to.

Kwing responds:

Thanks for the great review.


wasn't bad but way to easy to cheat on

Kwing responds:

It was like that on purpose so I wouldn't get as many complaints on it...


kewl game, again (i don't remember if u were the same guy as thismorning) i don't realy like maze games but u did a great job on it. congrats had this not been a maze game u woulda gotten a 5/5 and a 10/10 from me but because it was (don't change the fact that u make them cuz me obviously) it was a 4/5 and a 8/10. keep it up

Kwing responds:


Easy to cheat on.

It was fun and a bit annoying too. It was also extremely easy to cheat on. Simply hold down the left click button after touching the beginning dot and you can search the whole board for the ending dot. Fun, but not ground-breaking. 3/5.

Kwing responds:

Read the description... Or have you forgotten how to read.

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4.02 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2008
1:01 AM EDT