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Ghostfight BOS part 1

My project, that I'm working hard on. part 1, rate and leave a review! and vote for this movie to go into the sticks selection. Enjoy =]

(note: Justsolo can't view newgrounds, so I'm helping him put it on here for you guys!)

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nostalgia loved stick fights

There is plenty of action and combat. The special effects were a great idea, and helps seeing everything. Making it longer and with more fights would be an improvement. It was awesome back in 2008, and it still holds up today.

Nice Effects

Well this was something "SPECIAL" you bring some really nice "EFFECTS" these stick like characters are just amazing and make sticks look good so nice work here I do think you should have made this longer though it kind of just ended short, What an interesting flick I have come across here in the portal, you dont get to see much stuff like these everyday, and its nice to check stuff like this out.

I do think you should have made this longer though it kind of just ended short


4 cameras to choose from, random background colors, sometimes totally flipped, options to view frame by frame, I wonder why nobody has done this since.

I remember this... yeah. One question: what's the frame rate? For 2D animation, this is really detailed. Obviously, stick-figures/silhouettes are many times ways animators can put more detail into the actions (so not having to worry as much about shading), but even so, this animation even has the feel of heavy swords clashing and the raw power of explosions and fire. They take time and every action is so smooth and fluid.